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Glomex extends connectivity 15 miles from shore

by Martin Flory Group 19 Nov 2019 16:37 PST
Glomex extends connectivity 15 miles from shore © Martin Flory Group

Cellular connectivity has become so ubiquitous it's a challenge to go without it—even on a boat. Glomex's innovative weBBoat 4G Lite Internet antenna receives 3G/4G cellular and Wi-Fi signals up to 15 miles away, amplifies them and becomes a safe, personal hotspot. Up to 24 devices can connect simultaneously for everything from entertainment to navigation.

weBBoat 4G Lite has an integrated SIM card slot to take full advantage of cellular coverage areas while reducing roaming costs. Inside the compact 140mm W x 200mm H radome are three antennas: two for 3G/4G cellular reception and one for Wi-Fi. The internal router has an Ethernet LAN port for direct wiring of a networked device.

Using weBBoat 4G Lite couldn't be easier with the free Android and iOS Glomex apps. Users set up the device, and monitor and control the SIM card. Additionally, the apps log performance data and automatically download firmware updates.

Installing weBBoat 4G Lite is plug-and-play. It requires a 10-30V DC power supply. Mounts are available from Glomex to suit almost any marine application.

For more information contact Glomex s.r.l., Tel: +39 0544500377. Email: or visit

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