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weBBoat 4G Lite delivers a world of connectivity

by Martin Flory Group 17 Apr 21:24 PDT

With expectations of 24/7 connectivity, Glomex Marine Antennas' weBBoat 4G Lite delivers, whether it's downloading navigation updates or checking the score. It's the innovative coastal Internet antenna system that receives and amplifies 3G/4G cellular and Wi-Fi signals from 15 miles away and redistributes them to 24 devices throughout the vessel as a hotspot.

The technologically advanced weBBoat 4G Lite has an integrated SIM card slot. This maximizes cellular coverage while reducing roaming charges.

Glomex tucked a lot of advanced telecommunications equipment into the compact 140mm W x 200mm H radome of the weBBoat 4G Lite. Inside are three antennas: two high-gain/wide bandwidth 3G/4G for cellular and one for Wi-Fi. It also contains the integrated router with an Ethernet LAN port for adding hardwired, networked devices and access points.

Truly plug-and-play, installing the weBBoat 4G Lite is simple. Once mounted, it's simply connected to a 10-30V DC source. Glomex offers a wide range of brackets for optimal placement of the 0.9kg device. Firmware updates are automatic, so there's no downtime for maintenance.

Using weBBoat 4G Lite is even easier, especially with the Android or iOS apps. All aspects of the system are controlled while monitoring the status of both SIM cards. Performance is continually monitored with direct to factory service report capability.

For more information contact Glomex s.r.l., Tel+39 0544500377. Email: ; or visit

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