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A Golden Deck Lift preserves the picturesque view

by Martin Flory Group 3 Oct 07:11 PDT

An unobstructed sea or lakefront view that unites water, land and sky is a desire of most boat lift owners - and one quite that's attainable. The innovative Golden Deck Lift preserves the picturesque qualities of the location and makes docking as easy as parking a car in a driveway.

From Golden Manufacturing, the global leader in aluminum boat lifts and dock solutions, it provides unprecedented 360 degrees access to the hull when out of the water.

Using a Golden Deck Lift is simple. Any PWC, inboard or outboard up to 108,800kg is driven in between the guideposts and the remote control button pressed. The submerged portion of the platform rises up under the boat as the hull nestles into the custom-fitted bunks.

Unlike those tied to a dock, a boat on a Golden Deck Lift doesn't move with chop and wind, so it's exceptionally safe to get in and out of the vessel. Most boat owners plan the installation to be at the same grade as the surrounding land, making access effortless, even for those in wheelchairs.

The Golden Deck Lift becomes part of the waterside living space. Because of virtually unlimited sizes, there's room for steps, dock boxes, chairs and tables, and smaller boats like kayaks and SUPs.

The slip-resistant Golden Deck Lift platform material is a rugged, outdoor-grade polymer that doesn't rot or warp. Permeable, it provides fast drainage and allows sunlight to penetrate to promote aquatic fauna. A wide array of alternate decking materials are available to match the waterfront décor.

With a capacity of 108,800kg, safety is imperative. The Golden Deck Lift is built to strict ISO 9001:2015 standards. Power is provided by the renowned Golden Sea-Drive, a unit so reliable, in over 75,000 manufactured, not one has ever failed.

Golden Manufacturing offers a wide range of post, floating, elevator and freestanding boat lifts, as well as stationary and roll-in aluminum docks. A global corporation, it has sales and installation outlets all over the globe.

For more information contact Golden Manufacturing, Tel: +1-239-337-4141 or Email: and/or visit

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