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Off the grid LED lamp uses One Tea Candle

by Martin Flory Group 12 Aug 2019 17:23 PDT
JOI Lamp from Caframo © Martin Flory Group

Few things are as comforting as the soft flicker of a candle, but one flame doesn't produce much useful light—unless it's in the JOI Lamp from Caframo. Using thermoelectric technology, it transforms the heat from one common tea candle into 100 times the light of its single flame without batteries, cords or solar energy to be completely off the grid.

Assembled in Canada from durable stainless steel, the ingenious JOI Lamp is designed to be used outdoors, yet is safe for indoors. Within minutes of lighting the candle, the heat collector begins to generate electricity to power its eight bright integrated LEDs. It delivers light for as long as the candle lasts—about four to five hours. A unique safety feature signals when the candle is burning incorrectly.

The JOI Lamp provides two types of illumination. Used by itself, the stylish lantern delivers elegant ambient lighting. With the head roof of the unit extended, it becomes an LED task light, ideal for reading and working.

Measuring 172mm L x 172mm W x 241mm H, the patented JOI Candle Powered LED Lamp from Caframo fits any décor. It's ideal for boats, RVs, cabins, patios, campsites or anywhere light is needed. It comes with a one-year warranty. Photos and videos are at, and

For more information contact Caframo, Tel: +1-519-534-1080; Email: ; or visit

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