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Volvo Penta unveils an upgraded Inboard Performance System and a brand new Aquamatic sterndrive

by Volvo Penta 5 Aug 07:22 PDT
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Volvo Penta has matched the latest in advanced engineering with customer feedback to propel its premium marine driveline systems into a new era of high performance, cost-effective and enjoyable boating.

Now offering a host of advanced engineering and technology upgrades that lower the cost of ownership and increase performance and reliability - not to mention allow future tech to be incorporated - Volvo Penta's market-leading IPS and DPI driveline systems set the bar even higher in the marine sector. Not only that, new manufacturing technology and design concepts also allow for a longer service life of the drive, with less maintenance.

The IPS System

Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System (IPS) was a revolution in marine technology when it was launched in 2005. With 25,000 in the market, the company is now using its wealth of knowledge to upgrade the IPS to offer more power and enhanced capabilities to customers.

The system's innovative design has forward-facing, twin counter-rotating propellers that sit below the hull for incredible 'grip' of the water. With the individual steerable pods controlled by the joystick, the IPS provides superior handling and maneuverability, but the system also provides higher performance, lower fuel consumption and less noise and vibrations, compared to a conventional inboard shaft installation.

The IPS package provides up to 30 percent lower fuel consumption compared to inboard shaft installations, up to 15 percent faster acceleration and 20 percent higher top speeds. Noise and vibration levels are also reduced, by up to 50 percent. An IPS package can be installed in twin, triple or quadruple configurations.

"Even though the IPS and Aquamatic sterndrive were already superior propulsion systems, at Volvo Penta we listen to our customers and strive to deliver the highest boating standards," says Chief Project Manager, Petter Andolf. "So, in 2019, we have given both the IPS and the sterndrive a thorough revamp."

2019 updates to the IPS System

The company has focused on updating the serviceability, reliability, and performance of its IPS. Some of the most recent updates include:

  • Easier servicing: Volvo Penta has made it simpler than ever before to monitor and service the IPS system. Filters and oil can now be accessed easily from inside the hull and the oil only needs changing every second year. The new oil exchange concept is a major time saver and the boat can stay in the water during the operation. Sensors reading the differential oil pressure over the filters are added in order to identify clogging of filters quickly and accurately. Also, a water-in-oil sensor is added to detect any ingress of water in an early state, preventing damages to the transmission.

  • Greater reliability: Reliability has also been a key focus of the update. Gear material has been reinforced with high strength steel. The propeller shaft seal, input bearing carrier and upper shaft and bearings have also all been redesigned to improve durability. And overall cleanliness has been improved in the manufacturing process by investing in a completely new clean room assembly line - resulting in prolonged life and reliability for all parts.
"All these enhancements result in a lower cost of ownership, increased reliability and a boost in power for the IPS System," says IPS Engineering Project Manager Lennart Arvidsson.

The Aquamatic sterndrive

When Volvo Penta introduced the Aquamatic drive in 1959, it was a revolution in the boating industry, combining the benefits of inboard and outboard engine and providing excellent performance. In 1982, the Aquamatic sterndrive was enhanced with the Duoprop, two counter-rotating propellers that together provide extraordinary handling and fantastic grip, transferring the power to the water as never before.

The Aquamatic sterndrive and propellers are designed to complement the engines perfectly, delivering unmatched sterndrive system performance. As well as increasing the power and reliability, lowering ownership costs and improving performance, Volvo Penta has added more easy boating features and comfort to its latest Aquamatic sterndrive systems.

2019 updates to the Aquamatic sterndrive - DPI

  • Enhanced performance: The new hydraulic clutch allows silent and smooth shifting. It also enables slipping at low engine speeds, resulting in greater maneuverability and higher comfort at low boat speeds.

    "The hydraulic clutch, together with steer-by-wire - now standard for DPI - gives improved joystick docking functionality," says DPI Engineering Project Manager Jacob Claesson. "It also enables Dynamic Positioning System to be introduced, which automatically maintains a boat's heading and position, even during strong currents or windy conditions - ideal when preparing for docking."

  • Easier maintenance: This update offers longer service intervals, fewer service items and introduces seals that have been designed for longer life. Oil and filter change intervals are extended from every year to every two years.

  • Greater reliability: Reliability has also been a key part of the update, with a focus on redesigning and reinforcing components to deliver greater reliability. Additional sensors have been introduced for improved diagnostics and monitoring of system health, further aiding reliability. And just like the IPS system, overall cleanliness has been improved during manufacturing to ensure extended life and reliability for all parts.
Moving forward at top speed

These new updates to the IPS and DPI drivelines are another milestone for Volvo Penta, already the leader in marine leisure propulsion. This advanced design and engineering has made the best even better, with lower cost of ownership, higher performance and increased reliability for boat owners everywhere.

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