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Nanni = Power

by John Curnow 4 Jun 2019 17:40 PDT
LtoR: Steve Shale - Marine Diesel, Django Fontaine - Nanni, Peter Collins - Nanni Diesel Australia at the 2019 SCIBS © John Curnow

Django Fontaine, Export Sales Development from Nanni, was one of the many overseas factory representatives to attend the recent Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. Indeed, two planes out on the Sunday night/Monday morning carried a lot of the industry with them. At any rate, it was good to learn from Django about the French manufacturer, and it’s extensive product range.

There are small inboard powerplants for fishing and sailboats (including small saildrives), to medium and large powerboats and catamarans, such as Lagoon’s Seventy7 and Seventy8 variants. Indeed, Groupe Beneteau is a proud Nanni customer, with the 20hp model being standard fitment in the amazing Beneteau Figaro 3 foiler, and then the John Deere based 4.5l M5 230hp unit is in the Lagoon Seventy7, and the Seventy8 powercat receives the 13.5l M13 580hp units. Naturally, this is all great for getting the brand out there, but they are not the only shipyard. “We are working with other manufacturers, and have a few projects about to come to fruition with some other very well known brands, and yes, this too will raise our profile even further. Later on this year we will certainly bee able to talk about all of that.

“Our base motors come from Kubota, Toyota, John Deere, and recently Scania, as well. We now cover 10 to 1200hp. All of these brands have enviable reputations in their own right, so just what is Nanni adding to the mix? “It is all about Nanni being recognised and acknowledged as a leader in the pleasure market. Having partnerships with these engine manufacturers, who build strong and reliable motors, ties in well with us who are solely and completely involved in just the marine space. This means we have a total package, dedicated entirely to the nautical sector, and this is really our strength.”

Given all of that, and the continued march of the outboard, including Diesels, the next question is exactly where is Nanni placed amongst it all, and in the face of increased competition? “We still believe that there is a great future ahead for the inboard Diesel, but yes, we are certainly looking at what could eventuate in the future, so that we retain our significant market presence.” As this is the written word, you do not get the benefit of seeing his smile, so I would only countenance that this is certainly a ‘watch this space’ kind of proposition.

The next, if not emerging market, then certainly increasingly interesting sector is Diesel/Electric hybrid, especially as Kongsberg has just been sold. “We have always been involved in this area, and had a hybrid solution a couple of years ago that was ahead of its time. Now we are looking at more developments, and we know it is the future. Diesel brings safety, and electric is very green, and this is a place we want to go. So this is certainly something of importance within the company. Developments are ongoing, but it is too early to release any specifics.”

Tier III is important inside the world’s largest economy, Europe, so just what is the Nanni take on emissions? “Yes. Obviously we are impacted starting this year. We are talking and working with our partners to ensure we can meet all requirements, especially in the Northern European waters, so as to ensure that we are there for all of our distributors and clients. We do and will have the products there to meet the regulations, and these will then be available for any other regions that may adopt similar stringent requirements moving forward.”

“We cannot be left behind. You have to work to these issues. Only five years ago we stopped at 300hp, now we go to 1200hp, and our popular gensets are from 5 to 35kw, as well as going to over 500kW. So we are always moving ahead. Accordingly, you have to look to what new regulations might be coming and find the solutions to be able to offer the market the products they need.”

‘Energy in blue’ is Nanni’s tagline, and Django closes by explaining that it not only reflects being on the water, but also emphasise that, “We are really concerned with the impact on the environment. Blue has always been Nanni’s colour, and now more than ever it is about respecting our greater presence on the planet.”

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