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Quick release Bimini Hinges add comfort and convenience

by Martin Flory Group 5 Sep 2018 17:16 PDT
Accon Marine's surface-mount (left) and stud-mount Quick Release Bimini Hinges © Martin Flory Group

Adequate protection from UV rays is critical to safely and comfortably enjoying sunny weather aboard a boat. The addition of a bimini top provides that crucial protection. Accon Marine offers a variety of Quick Release Bimini Hinges that eliminate the hassle of installation and relocation, in models that accommodate any mounting location.

Made of corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel, Accon Marine's 401 Surface Mount Quick Release Bimini Hinge features a low profile. It eliminates the hassle of pins or screws, plus the need for cutouts. This clever design allows easy removal or installation of the top.

The 402 model is ideal for versatile, flush-mount installations. Its rugged 316 stainless steel design features an adapter that can be placed in four different orientations, in 90 degrees increments. The Quick Release Bimini Hinge snaps into the base portion when being used and stays connected to the top when stowed.

Accon Marine's model 403 Quick Release Hinge can be directly attached to a railing, making it a great solution when traditional bimini mounting locations are obstructed. The 404 model is specifically engineered for use with newer boats and the curved lines they commonly employ and accepts a four-way adjustable adapter.

Model 405 accommodates square rails often used on contemporary pontoon boats. It also features durable 316 stainless steel construction and an adapter with four possible orientations.

Accon Marine offers a wide range of compatible tube adapters, shims and gaskets to overcome the challenge of any unconventional bimini installation.

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