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Sanya Freestyle Grand Prix title to Rok Florjancic

by on 1 Apr 2013
2013 Sanya Freestyle Grand Prix title to Slovenia’s Rok Florjancic Raffaello Bastiani
At the 2013 Sanya Freestyle Grand Prix, Slovenia’s Rok Florjancic completed his double with another impressive showing to win heat 2 and take the title with maximum points. Nac [Florjancic] looked to be carrying the fight to his older brother and produced a faultless opening series of tricks until disaster struck and he lost his grip and the bike. The delay to retrieve it proved costly, finishing fourth in heat 2 and third overall.

Italy’s Valerio Calderoni again struggled with his bike, but produced a better performance in heat 2 to take second spot and the runners-up slot.

Alexsander Petrovic improved on his points score to take third place in heat 2 and finish fourth overall, ahead of Roberto Mariani and Nicolas Denille.

Results – heat 2:

1. Rok Florjancic (SVN) 25pts 2. Valerio Calderoni (ITA) 20pts 3. Alexsander Petrovic (SRB) 16pts 4. Nac Florjancic (SVN) 13pts 5. Roberto Mariani (ITA) 10pts 6. Nicolas Denille (FRA) 11pts

Sanya Grand Prix - overall results:

1. Rok Florjancic (SVN) 50pts 2. Valerio Calderoni (ITA) 36pts 3. Nac Florjancic (SVN) 33pts 4. Alexsander Petrovic (SRB) 29pts 5. Roberto Mariani (ITA) 21pts 6. Nicolas Denille (FRA) 21pts
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