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Invictus GT370S outboard version dedicated to owners who want a model with flexing muscles

by Invictus Yacht 20 May 04:39 PDT

Invictus Yacht is announcing the new outboard version of one of its most successful models, the GT370S, which follows the GT280S, presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019. This configuration is born from the specific wish to target a new type of customers, who differ from the ones who would choose the classic sterndrive version.

  • The newly launched Invictus is equipped with two Yamaha 425 XTO outboard engines with 850 hp maximum power
  • The interiors still offer the multiple customization options found in the sterndrive version
  • The Italian shipyard's new outboard version aims a new type of customers and refers to the US market as well

The launch highlights yet again the Italian shipyard determination to expand in the US market, after the official debut at the Miami Yacht Show in February. Outboard models have always been the most popular in the US and particularly in Florida.

"We are talking about sporty, confident customers, who want to be recognized in a 'muscle-flexing' boat, parading the power of the propulsion system," explains Christian Grande. "This approach makes it acceptable to sacrifice the stern platform, which in the sterndrive version highlights the liveability of a boat encouraging a more convivial rather than dynamic use. Choosing outboard propulsion systems offers some concrete advantages, such as very easy access to engines requiring repairs. Additionally, life on board benefits from the space freed up by the engine room, which provides considerably more storage space."

The will to preserve the harmonious and homogeneous style that are the distinguishing traits of the entire Invictus Yacht range is the reason for painting the engines with the base colours of the hull and deck. The engines are therefore not perceived as technical appendices but as a balanced addition to the stern. For this reason, it will not be possible to buy the boat and install the outboard engines at a later date.

The first Invictus GT370S is equipped with two Yamaha 425 XTO engines (max power: 850 hp). Other configurations are being considered.

Plenty of customisation opportunities for the interiors

The continuity with the sterndrive model can be clearly seen in the interiors as well, which maintain the same considerable opportunities for customisation and the attention to detail typical of Invictus.

Interiors are spacious and welcoming, with two large rooms below deck that can be configured to suit the end user's needs. The large stern cabin has two beds that can be turned into one bed big enough to sleep three children or two adults very comfortably. The bow cabin can be furnished with a third bed or with a large side sofa combined with a small table, bar unit and television, creating a spectacular living area.

As a result of a greater available surface, the side windows feature a central "split" with a deeply material character, highlighting the Invictus tradition of elegant shapes.

Room for comfort

The wheelhouse, with three oversized, ergonomical seats, is designed for the comfort of the pilot and any other guests. A striking feature is the foldable, small side lounging deck created in the central part of the port topside. In addition to making the whole boat more spacious and charming, it increases freedom of movement aboard and the usability of the deck.

The considerable wealth of details and accessories supplied as standard include a bar unit integrated in the bridge seats, which conceal a compact kitchen unit with sink, refrigerator, icemaker and dedicated cabinets.

The main feature in the central part of the deck is the extensible table. An L-shaped sofa with foldable stern back turns the entire rear area into a padded platform for sunbathing. The L-shaped sofa integrated in the starboard side is open on the left side, and removing the optional balcony means a view of the sea can be enjoyed in full.

All surfaces and upholstery are finished with details borrowed from high-class leather items, and are highlighted by the combination with a large-section, chrome-plated stainless steel tubular framework, which in many places has a fine leather cover, making the entire setting even more sophisticated.

"The GT370S embodies the perfect balance between the more delicate and, possibly, more feminine grand tourer soul of Invictus, and the more dynamic and masculine spirit of a boat that wants to conquer with the speed and sound of its engines as well. We have added a spark of strength without affecting the elegance and grace of our GTs," concludes Christian Grande.

Technical Data

  • Length overall: 11.35 m
  • Maximum beam: 3.5 m
  • Maximum height: 3.0 m
  • Weight: 6900 kg
  • Capacity: 1350 kg
  • Person capacity: 12
  • Maximum power: 1200 hp

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