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Five new 12VDC Quick Gyro Stabilizers launched

by Pierluigi Gambacorti 17 May 22:34 PDT

Leading Italian gyro stabilizer manufacturer, Quick Italy has dramatically changed the world gyro market, announcing the launch of five new 12VDC Quick Gyro Stabilizers.

The new MC" Quick Gyro X2 and X3 stabilizers are the smallest in the extended family. Just 42cm square, and delivering an astonishing anti-rolling torque of up to 3,900 Nm, the X2 is perfect for 20ft trailable centre console fishing boats or little day cruisers, while the X3 model suits heavier trailer sportfish boats and small cabin cruisers up to around 27ft.

Already known for their compact design, ease of installation and reliability, the new Quick gyro models are the result of many years' research and technical innovation that guarantee simpler operation and reduced maintenance, in a smaller machine.

Improving stability on your boat has been shown to reduce skipper and crew fatigue, thus improving safety at anchor and while under way, manoeuvring and docking.

The ability to hold a position at anchor and reduce roll while under way in all conditions opens up boating to people who may have been reluctant to experience time on the water because of seasickness.

In addition, minimal roll means less wear on your vessel and its equipment, leading to savings in maintenance.

The unmatched compact design and outstanding performance of the MC"X gyro stabilizers sets them apart from any other gyro stabilizers on the market.

The MC"X series stabilizer delivers market-leading performance of up to 95 percent roll reduction from a machine that is physically much smaller than any other gyro on the market. Furthermore, these machines are simpler because they are air cooled as opposed to water cooled! This means easier installation because there is no more holes in the bottom of the boat and no cooling pumps and plumbing. The whole package is much smarter because the patented design of these gyros means fewer expensive parts, less maintenance requirements and therefore less ongoing running costs.

The revolutionary MC" X DC series comprises five brand-new stabilizers; two of them specially designed for small-sized boats and available only in a 12V version while the other three models are suited to progressively bigger boats, and can be supplied in either the new 12VDC version, or the 240V AC version.

The Quick DC (direct current) stabilizer series represents a true revolution. The main innovation lies in the 12V power supply that means the gyro can run directly from the batteries on board, without the need to run a generator. The batteries on the boat will recharge via the inverter when the engines are running and it is time to go home.

As a result, the overall consumption is significantly lower and Quick stabilizers are now even closer to "silent".

Quick gyros boast a number of innovative, unique features, including its patented vertically spinning mass which enables the stabilizer to distribute the weight on more bearings. Typically, competitor gyros spin the mass horizontally. That forces the mass to "rest" on a single bearing at the bottom which inevitably ends up producing more heat.

Installation of the new 12V models is also a breeze. Simply install and secure the gyro to the structure of the vessel (this needs to be done by a licensed shipwright), connect the gyro to the batteries (or battery pack), install the remote control and at the push of a button, boat rolling stops.

As the first OEM Boat Builder in the world to embrace the Quick gyro stabilizer, specifically in the big boat segment, Maritimo Australia has now installed Quick gyros in over 15 vessels.

Philip Candler, General Manager, Maritimo Australia, said the Quick brand of stabilizers has been invaluable for ensuring "the creature comfort for our customers".

"Our owners have an expectation that the ability of the boat is a key ingredient, and the Quick gyros certainly delivering the performance that we expect."

Pierluigi Gambacorti, "PG", Gineico Managing Director said having Maritimo onboard is "a very clear vote of confidence in Quick Gyros and the Gineico Marine service network".

"There are currently around 800 Quick gyros in circulation around the globe. The manufacturer in Italy noted there was high demand from the smaller boat market and developed the X2 and X3 models for this application.

"The X2 and X3 are the first machines of this kind to be on sale around the globe and they will really make a difference to the comfort onboard these smaller boats. The difference for these customers is going to be mind-blowing!

"Gineico currently have four MC" X3 12VDC models being fitted to trailer boats in Australia and New Zealand, and we are looking forward to getting these boats launched so we can show customers the performance of these incredible little machines.

"These DC units are going to profoundly change the trailer boat experience forever."

Phil Candler - GM Maritimo Australia discusses the Quick MC2 Boat Gyro from exclusive Australian distributor, Gineico Marine.

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