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Pop-up Countertop Receptacles are UL-Listed

by Martin Flory Group 1 Feb 2019 03:04 PST

Electrical outlets in a galley or head are typically located on a wall or the side of cabinetry, and often too far away from where they're needed. Hubbell Marine's new Countertop Receptacles install discretely in the countertop for maximum convenience. By simply pushing down on the device, a 15A 125V receptacle pops up. Because spills happen, especially while under way, they're UL-listed for 1.9l water-resistance. And with seven different finishes, one will match any boat décor.

Countertop Receptacles are available in surface and flush mount models, in polished chrome, brushed aluminum, brass or nickel, powder coated black or white, and matte bronze. They feature Hubbell Marine's patented cam action tamper-resistant technology and patent-pending silicone gaskets. Highly durable, they're built to withstand 10,000 open/close cycles.

At the forefront of safety, Hubbell Marine Countertop Receptacles are UL 498 Section 146 listed for water resistance. Additionally, they meet NEC 406.5(E), 406.5(F) and 406.5(H) for countertop, work surface and seating compliance, respectively. Rated for up to 20A service, it's recommended that they are fed via a GFCI circuit.

Hubbell Marine Countertop Receptacles are compact, needing only 101.6mm wide of space, an 86.4mm hole and 119mm of depth. The surface mount version extends a mere 2.3mm high and has a chamfered edge for a finished appearance.

Permanent installation ready, Hubbell Marine Countertop Receptacles accept non-metallic sheathed cable, and/or metal conduit with a wire clamp or 12.7mm KO. A 106.7mm locknut holds the receptacle securely to avoid wobble and misalignment.

For more information contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, Tel: +1-475-882-4838; Fax: +1-203-783-9195 or visit

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