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With E-STEER, even mega yachts drive like sportscars

by Martin Flory Group 5 Dec 2018 16:28 PST
With E-STEER™, even mega yachts drive like sportscars © Martin Flory Group

The helms of many larger vessels are insensitive to input and provide sluggish and sloppy control. Worse yet, some transfer every exhausting shudder and vibration from the rudder to the wheel. With Twin Disc's revolutionary E-STEER™, yachts up to 70m are exceptionally responsive, yet commanding to the most nuanced touch—somewhat like a luxury automobile. The latest generation in marine steering, it delivers a whole new driving experience with unparalleled reliability.

The sensation surrounding E-STEER is how it reacts almost intuitively to driver input. As speed increases, the helm gets firmer without losing any sense of control. It also proportionally adjusts the range of movement of the wheel to prevent unsafe rudder angles. As the boat slows, the wheel becomes light and highly responsive—exactly what's needed when maneuvering into a slip. A 119mm W x 115mm H color screen displays rudder position, system operating status and fault conditions.

Like all Twin Disc products, E-STEER was engineered for absolute dependability. Redundant processor, controls and hydraulic power units ensure the vessel will never limp home due to steering issues.

E-STEER was designed for today's modern yachts. Self-contained, it's a straightforward installation on single and twin rudder new builds or refits. Because it's digital, it can be used in up to four helm stations.

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