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Pendana - Sold

by 5 Aug 2018 04:49 UTC
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Funny how life changes on a dime! One minute you are in control and have a pretty good understanding of where one is headed and the next, BAM! Everything changes.

A little while ago Claire and I received an unsolicited offer for Pendana. After much discussion with Claire and the girls we decided to accept the offer on the basis that it complete quickly. The idea of hanging around on a boat that I wouldn't own was not very appealing to say the least.

As most would know the plan was to get to Florida and reassess our options, six months on, six months off, sell, or buy a bigger boat. The likelihood however, is, we would have probably sold. After nearly six years of owning Pendana and three and half years full time cruising (four and a half if we got to Florida), we decided it was time to regroup, head back to Australia and make our children a priority.

There really are no words to describe how I feel about Pendana. The little ship that could, did, and kept our family safe in some pretty horrendous conditions will forever remain in our hearts. Pendana never missed a beat and while showered with love, and let's not forget money, she simply never let us down. There are, not too many who can say that. The trusty N62 hull is without doubt the best ocean boat Nordhavn ever made with the N57 a close second!

Part of our decision to sell was, the new owners (previous Nordhavn owners) actually were engaged on Pendana eight years ago in the Bahamas as they knew the previous owner very well. They are super nice people and Claire and I truly believe they will cherish Pendana and take care of her in the years ahead, as we have done. If not, watch out! We simply would not have sold the boat to people we didn't like or respect, it's that simple!

A special thanks must be made to two mean in particular, in this, the final Pendana blog. Firstly, Mr Ken Williams, aboard N68 San Souci. I distinctly remember calling Ken before we bought Pendana to ask for advice. I then, remember calling Ken to tell him we were going to cross Oceans, to which I have no doubt he felt a great deal of responsibility for, after all, he encouraged it. Ken and his wife Roberta have become friends over the years and I will sorely miss our little chats. Ken, simply two heartfelt words, thank you.

Secondly a huge thank you has to go out to James Knight from Yacht tech Sales and Service in Florida and soon to be open for business in Anacortes WA. Claire and I bought Pendana from James Knight back in 2012 and this man has been there ever since to answer any question I had, whatever the time of day. If you own a Nordhavn and are not speaking to James Knight, then you are truly missing out. James has forgotten more about Nordhavns than most people know. James, my sincere thanks for all your help over the years! Thank you.

There are literally so many others to thank, but rather writing a thesis I will keep it brief and simply say, you all know who you are and know that Claire and I are truly grateful for our friendship that is now firmly in place.

So, there is little left to say other than in a few days from now I will be back in Australia with my girls turning a new page in life and consolidating before our next adventure begins. Will we be back on the high seas? Only time will tell, but I am confident we will!

Thank you very much to all the readers of the blog over the years and for your kind words of support, encouragement and interest in what was simply, a family heading to sea! Both Claire and I have made lifelong friends who we will never forget.

So, for the very last time, stay safe!

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