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Connecticut college student stole a yacht and ensued chaos

by David Ovalle 27 Jan 2018 22:13 UTC
The Mimi, an 80-foot yacht stolen and crashed at the Miami Beach Marina in 2016. The thief, Joselinn Anthony, pleaded guilty this week. © WFOR-CBS4

On a whim, a Connecticut college student named Joselinn Anthony took a train to Miami. As he ambled around South Beach, he walked past the Miami Beach Marina and an idea popped in his head.

"He'd never been on a boat so he decided to go on a boat," said his defense attorney, Richard Gregg. "He walked past security and they never even gave him a second look."

So he hopped on an 80-foot Hatteras yacht named "Mimi." He figured out how to fire up the giant twin engines, and got the vessel underway. The joyride quickly went bad.

The fiberglass yacht never made it out of the marina, crashing into several other docked boats and terrifying onlookers before sinking in the dark waters on Oct. 2, 2016.

A police report the day of the crash valued the vessel — owned by Miami Beach businessman Maximilian Camino — at $4 million. Months later, according to federal court documents, a marine surveyor valued the sunken hulk of Mimi at just $137,000.

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