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The Four Winns legend sparks a new wave of boats in Europe

by Beneteau 3 Dec 2017 01:02 PST
Four Winns new boat © Beneteau

In the last 40 years, Four Winns has strengthened its international reputation as a manufacturer of easy to customize luxury open powerboats. This American manufacturer's four ranges put pleasure, safety and space on board first, whether it is for water sports or cruising.

Four Winns will roll out Forward Drive technology on its HD sports range, in 2018, while continues to expand its outboard range (H290, H350, Vista 255).

At the same time, a much-awaited brand-new model, the HD200, will be launched with outboard and sterndrive versions. The Beneteau group is proud to see the expertise of one of the pearls of American boating extending the brand's influence in Europe. Four Winns will be present at the upcoming Nautic boat show in Paris, in France, where it will show the Vista 255 OB!

Four Winns for Bill Winn and his three sons, Charlie, Bill Jr and John. One of the finest American boating ventures began in 1975, led by this family.

The early days of the boatyard were eventful, marked by a fire that completely destroyed the factory in 1978. In a wonderful show of solidarity, the inhabitants of Cadillac marshalled their resources to save an emerging flagship that employed a good section of the local population.

In just a few months the business at Four Winns resumed and it continued its incredible growth until it became the third largest boat manufacturer in America. Producing over 15,000 boats a year, in the 1980s, Four Winns was one of the largest export firms in the US, distributing its iconic 18- to 37-foot bow riders to 60 countries, including France.

The brand underwent a succession of sales and mergers, without ever losing its legendary expertise. In 2014, Four Winns joined the Beneteau group as part of the Rec Boats acquisition by the international giant of the boating industry.

Targeting Europe

Although the boats made today are mainly sold on the North American market, the brand has big ambitions for the European market, spearheaded by the group's powerful network of dealers. In terms of European standards, the Four Winns boats have all the elegance of the finest Mediterranean runabouts combined with the comfort and power of Scandinavian boats.

However, in choosing a Four Winns, you are choosing a real American boat, complying perfectly with European standards and recognizable at first sight!

Distinctive features: premium quality and customisation

Before even setting foot aboard a Four Winns, you are drawn by the obvious quality of materials and finishes. A "Made in the USA" idea of comfort and space takes you straight into business class!

Underpinned by a remarkable production line, the brand has always been at the cutting edge producing high-quality fibreglass boats. Another feature of the boatyard is that it has internalized and preserved its unique expertise over the years: 3D windshields with stainless steel surround and hand-sewn upholstery are a hallmark of the brand.

Boats made in the USA are renowned to be faster and more powerful than European boats, delightfully combining speed and comfort. Four Winns does not depart from this rule, but in addition to the pleasure and standing out, you feel perfectly safe in the water, even on board its sportier models.

Lastly, at Four Winns the focus on detail goes hand-in-hand with the innumerable options for customization.

New boats in 2018

Outboard and sterndrive HD 200

The latest of the Four Winns deck boats have the strengths of a bow rider's progressive V hull, while offering a very generous forward living space. The smallest of the Four Winns HD range is bigger than you think and style has made its way from the dashboard to the upholstery, including the windshield! Available with an outboard or sterndrive engine, the HD 200 has a very innovative hull and a very practical swim platform in both versions.

Outboard versions for the Horizon 290, 350 and the Vista 255

Similar to Europe, the trend in the United States is towards the development of the outboard engine. This is quite a revolution across the Atlantic, where the sterndrive engine has been favoured traditionally. However, the unmistakable strengths of the outboard, offering more space on board and easier maintenance, are gradually changing the market.

While maintaining its sterndrive offering, Four Winns is developing outboard models of the Horizon 290 and 350, as well as the Vista 255, in 2018. A way to make these three highly popular powerboats ever more spacious and agile!

Roll out of the Forward Drive technology on the HD 200, 220, 240 and 270

With over one model in three used to enjoy sports, the Four Winns brand watches development in water sports very closely. The rollout of the Forward Drive propulsion system developed by Volvo Penta on its HD range, is in response to a real wave of enthusiasm for surfing on surfing grounds.

Much easier than wakeboarding or waterskiing, surfing is smoother and more relaxed (about 10 knots). With characteristics similar to jet propulsion in terms of manoeuvrability, the Forward Drive system is also more effective and much safer (propellers facing forwards) than the Sterndrive for water sports.

Creating an ideal wave form that also provides great stability, this propulsion system is on its way to becoming the gold standard among surfing fans.

Four ranges of 'pure pleasure' boats between 18 and 37 feet

Buying a four Winns is offering yourself a little bit of America! The simple and relaxed elegance "made in the USA", offers a five-star boating experience, while rendering luxury affordable.


10 models, including two new boats in 2018. 18- to 29-foot bow riders marrying inimitable style with a very comfortable interior, to get the best from life on board.


Eight models, including two new boats in 2018. 20- to 27-foot deck boats offering a unique combination of luxury, space and sportiness.

Surf series

Six models, including four new boats in 2018. Especially developed for water sports, the Surf range encompasses the 20- to 27-foot HD and TS models. The perfect combination of fun and safety, this range has a wide choice of options to adapt each boat to its purpose.


Five models, including one new boat in 2018. From 25 to 37 feet, the range of cruisers that built the reputation of the brand offers highly elegant and stylish fittings and finishes.

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