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Sea drive concept unveiled at Nautic Boat Show in Paris

by Beneteau 3 Dec 2017 09:24 UTC 3 December 2017
Beneteau - Sea drive concept © Beneteau

On Saturday 2 December, BENETEAU and PEUGEOT unveiled the result of a unique collaboration at the opening of the Nautic Boat Show in Paris. Global leaders in their respective industries, the two brands have combined their innovative technological know-how and forward thinking to create a pioneering steering station. The Sea Drive Concept promises to be a fantastic experience for visitors and will offer new perspectives on the future of motorboat driving. Try it out at the biggest boat show in France.

While certain cars now boast lines and luxury inspired by the world of yachting, boats, on the other hand, are adopting ergonomic solutions and designs from the car industry. Resulting from a highly productive exchange between these two worlds, the demonstrator invented and designed by PEUGEOT Design Lab integrates Ship Control® connected technology, recently developed by BENETEAU, in PEUGEOT's i-Cockpit®. This intuitive connected steering station, at the crossroads of the car and motorboat industries, offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy a unique immersive experience and to gain a glimpse of the future.

Fingertip Controls, by Beneteau

Ship Control® technology is the result of the Advance Monitoring System (AMS) research programme introduced by the Beneteau group. It was rolled out for the first time in 2017 aboard the new Gran Turismo 50 sports cruiser. Inspired by on-board computers in cars, this intuitive and user-friendly interface provides simple centralized access to many of the boat's functions. The Ship control® on-board assistant is accessed from the navigation display or a tablet connected to the boat's Wi-Fi network. A quick tap on the icon you want and you can manage the lights, air-conditioning, Hi-Fi, electrical sources (AC), bilge pumps or a page dedicated to navigation. BENETEAU is the first boatyard to offer such a high-tech solution at no additional cost and, once again, this confirms their continuing commitment to simplifying boating so that it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Driver-Centric Design by Peugeot

There is no need to be an expert to understand the incredible revolution in the automobile industry, in the last fifteen years, in terms of comfort, safety and passenger compartment ergonomics. A spearhead in terms of research and innovation, PEUGEOT has brought some radical thinking to the driver's cabin with the idea of providing customers with maximum pleasure, great sensations and intuitive driving. The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® has proved a success with 4 million global users and developments are continuing, with the third generation of the concept being rolled out on their new 3008 and 5008 SUVs. With a compact steering wheel, customizable head-up instrument panel and a large multifunction touchscreen, the ergonomics are designed to provide the ultimate driver experience.

First-class Combination

By combining these two major innovations in a futuristic environment designed by PEUGEOT Design Lab, the two French brands are continuing the tradition of audacity and innovation that has forged their reputation. Founded in the 19th century, these two family-run firms each have more than a century of major technological innovations behind them, most of which are now part of our daily lives.

Now large groups, BENETEAU and PEUGEOT have continued to prosper by positioning themselves at the leading edge of technological challenges. Luca Brancaleon, general manager of BENETEAU, is clearly enthusiastic about the Sea Drive Concept: "Innovation is a BENTEAU hallmark. Apart from the pride we felt when PEUGEOT asked us to work on a common project based on connectivity, it seemed natural. It is very exciting to see our two brands, both pioneers in their fields, working to further the boating experience."

This eagerness is shared by Jean-Philippe Imparato, General Manager of PEUGEOT, who stresses that the i-Cockpit is now symbolic of Peugeot's new identity; an innovative brand offering its customers pleasure and freedom: "It revolutionizes the interior of our vehicles reinventing the driver experience. We are proud to see it adapted to other worlds and to work with a firm as prestigious as Beneteau, in an industry so different from our own! This Sea Drive Concept is a fine example of shared recognition."

Visitors to the upcoming boat show in Paris are invited to witness the unique convergence of two international car and nautical industry flagships.

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