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Beneteau Antares 9 and Antares 6 – Upscaled boating across the range

by Beneteau 2 Dec 2017 20:31 UTC
Antares 6 © Beneteau

Beneteau has a series of new outboard motorboats in the pipes! Before the launch of the Barracuda 9 next spring, they will be showing two new Antares models at the Nautic boat show in Paris at the end of the year, finalizing the complete renewal of this long-standing range.

Boating improved practicality and an everhigher level of detail, the Antares 6 and 9 certify the brand's specialized expertise in the short cruise market, ingeniously combining tradition and innovation.

A small pilothouse boat delivering top class quality!

The new Antares 6, the smallest of the outboard pilothouse boats, remains true to all the features that made this range a success in the last 40 years. As safe as they come, this cruiser is ideal for everything from day cruising and fishing to simply picnicking at sea.

Optimized to carry up to six people comfortably, the Antares 6 boasts a modern look and timeless lines. Revisiting the standards of comfort on a 5.70 m boat, her cockpit is very practical with a sliding aft bench seat that affords access to lift the engine, without damaging the seats. A boat to enjoy with friends and explore new places, the Antares 6 has lots of hand rails making movement on board safe and easy.

Bathed in natural light, the wraparound windows in the pilothouse provide excellent visibility underway. Inside, there is an adjustable driver's seat, a convertible co-pilot's seat and an open rest cabin, which are all strong features of the design, giving you an incredible sense of space on board. Facing the saloon table, is a small but very practical dining area with a sink, a refrigerator and plenty of storage.

Built on the latest generation of outboard hulls, this small new Antares offers impressive stability, as well as great driving sensations. With its single engine attaining 115 hp, the boat has added power, is easier to handle, and its size allows it to nip about with ease.

The minute you set to sea on the Antares 6, you feel comfortable and safe. She is an ideal way to discover the pleasures of the sea!

Antares 9, plenty of class for a small cruiser

The ultimate weekender! With an innate sense of detail and comfort, the Antares 9 is an invitation to spend more time at sea. Modern and stylish, she preserves the traditional elegance of this legendary Beneteau range.

Perfectly fitted out, the Antares 9 is a masterpiece of habitability. With two entirely independent cabins, a galley and a generously fitted washroom, short cruises with family or friends offer new potential. With U-shaped seats that convert to sunbathing areas, her attractive spacious cockpit (1.53 x 2.40 m) is a great place to relax with friends. To take full advantage of this comfort, the Antares has improved its cruising range, with a 600-litre fuel tank, and a 160-litre supply of fresh water.

With a three-leaf sliding door and a panoramic sunroof, the pilothouse is very bright and has a 360 degrees view of the sea. It also has a large saloon with facing seats. There is a real feeling of space and the lounge is cleverly arranged with a modular co-pilot seat that swings round to face the sea or the chart table. A side starboard door makes moving about and manoeuvres easier for the driver.

The Antares 9 boasts an Airstep® hull designed to cut smoothly through the waves, offering maximum pleasure underway. With up to 2 x 200 hp engines, the Antares 9 has the latest technological developments in terms of outboard engines.

With cruising range, habitability, and elegance, this Antares 9 has moved upmarket and has everything you need to enjoy a stylish weekend.

Coming next: the new Barracuda 9, the outboard sensation of spring 2018!

Embodying Beneteau's expertise in sport fishing, the new Barracuda 9 promises to be the robust true sport thoroughbred on which this legendary range is based. Extremely functional fittings and impeccable finishes make her the ideal boat for safe and pleasant smart commuting.

With the latest Airstep® hull and two engines delivering up to 500 hp, the new Barracuda 9 comes with a choice of 400 or 600 litre fuel tanks. Together with the generous space on board, these powerful engines and excellent cruising range will inspire you to set out to sea confidently with up to 10 people on board.

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