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What a surprise!

by Pendana on 8 Nov 2017
What a Surprise! Pendana Blog
Before deciding on which marina to stay in when we arrived in Ensenada, I decided to put the question to the Nordhavn Owners Group to get a little feedback. The majority of folks suggested Hotel Coral and Marina with the balance opting for the marina downtown in the thick of the action called “Cruiseport”. One thing that virtually all who responded indicated was that Ensenada is a small town. Head south! Hell, what are we in for? One can only imagine our thoughts pre arrival. We even received two calls on our way south while underway from folks who suggested we simply keep on going to Puerto Vallarta to have some fun!

The beauty of travelling by boat is that it takes you to places you may not visit normally. Ensenada for us is such a place. Ensenada can hold it head high as for us, this is a special little place that we will long remember. The marina was spot on, the people were friendly and I might add at no stage did any of us feel unsafe and the wi-fi at the Hotel Coral Marina was good, in fact better than in Los Angeles. The town itself is a blend of just about everything and the sunsets and sunrises are amongst some of the best we have ever seen. So far, Ensenada is everything we thought it wouldn’t be and we are all very pleased indeed we stayed here.

The marina and the staff have been faultless and the Dock Master, Fito Espinoza is beyond helpful to make sure everything is sorted as quickly as possible. The marina is modern, has great wi-fi (as stated), is clean and comes with many amenities including resort swimming pools both indoor and outdoor, fitness club, sauna and steam rooms (mind you the steam rooms are so hot I couldn’t manage it at all), massages and spa services, a number of restaurants onsite, free shuttle services, boating maintenance services, water sport rentals ie kayaks etc, shall I go on? OK then, the marina has its own fuel dock , 24/7 security and pump out service. Honestly what more could one ask for? I know, how about a view? Well it has that as well and it produces some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets I have ever seen. If you are coming to Ensenada then drop Fito an email as you will be pleased you did. Compared to the other marina in town is like comparing a Rolls Royce (Hotel Coral and Marina) with a Volkswagen (Cruiseport). I know which one I prefer!

One small negative about the marina, if there is one, is that the surge inside the marina is a little intense from time-to-time and more than you would expect from a marina in a relatively well protected coastal position. Then again, I guess that’s why we have fenders and I am sure pleased we have Pro Stock Marine fenders. Sure, they are rather expensive but they are the most wonderful fenders on the market. These fenders are simply indestructible and do not mark the hull!

Ensenada is a very Mexican and you soon get the feel of what the place is really like. A great example of this is that occasionally you will be confronted with a motor bike or car going the wrong way (safely). If this were to happen in Australia there would be an angry confrontation but here in Mexico, nobody seems to be overly concerned. Surely that’s a good thing? Another example - and there are many – are the folks who wash Pendana climb all around here without safety lines. Again, in Australia, where there seems to be more laws than people, boat wash guys need to wear a safety harness even to go onto the roof of Pendana. Look, I appreciate that maybe one person slipped and died when washing a boat but surely that doesn’t mean we need restrictive laws to be brought in. Anyway, it’s refreshing to see that here in Mexico good old common sense prevails. Gotta say I like that!

At the marina there are approximately twenty stray cats living together doing very well, I might add. These pussy cats are simply adorable and being the cat lovers that we are we can’t but help taking up the odd few cans of cat food and dry biscuits for these delightful animals. The good news is that they all appear well fed thanks to a fish cleaning station very close by. Nonetheless, they are too cute to ignore so most days we head up to see the troop and give them some fresh water and food. Adorable!

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We were told in Los Angeles about a great restaurant called Sanos Steak House here in Ensenada so we were quick to hunt it down and give it a try. Wow, superb is the only word that comes to mind. Truly superb! Great atmosphere, service, prices ($20 Filet Mignon) and food make this place a must go-to if ever in Ensenada!

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