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1881hp Superfly GT42 retractable-roof boat is a supercar of the water

by Flying Flipper and on 9 Oct 2017
Koenigsegg Agera RS doing 0-400kmh and back again in 36.44 seconds. SW
Sweden produces many things from cars to crime novels, and mobile telephony to pharmaceuticals. In amongst all that are socialist manufacturers like Koenigsegg and Flying Flipper. Now the latter two may not have the same global brand recognition as Volvo or Ericsson, but they both share a similar driving passion. Speed. Design aesthetics are also part of mix, but in a form follows function kind of way, which is more than handy at the sorts of speeds they can do on land and water, respectively.

TV buffs will know that a Koenigsegg sat atop the Stig's lap board for ages, and only a few days ago, a Koenigsegg Agera RS accelerated from 0 to 400km/h and back to 0 in 36.44 seconds. It took 26.88 seconds to accelerate to 400 km/h over a distance of 1,958 metres. Deceleration took 9.56 seconds over 483 metres. The total distance used for 0-400-0 was 2,441 metres, and secured its position as the fastest production car on the planet. Providing the result was 1,360hp and 1,371Nm of torque, and you can read all about that here, or simply watch the video below.

Yet alas this is a boat site, and so we come to the Flying Flipper Superfly GT 42. This is also a long standing company, with a drive, and now certainly a style all of it's own. In top spec, the RS version, it has 1881hp on tap, thanks to the triple outboards from Seven Marine. Sure it is more than the Koenigsegg, but with luxury cabins, full head, galley, fridges and a retractable roof it also weighs a tad more (like five times plus), and so she tops out at over 65 knots. On water, that's PDQ.

Many will refer to other car brands like Aston Martin and Bugatti applying their name to waterborne craft, but Flying Flipper has it's very own speedboat pedigree, and the company's new owner, Michael Reimer, is set to unveil this paradigm shift in superboats. There are distinct car like design elements, like the buttresses down aft, but also very contemporary features like glass panels and ingenious angles, along with stealth-esque shapes to make this a real eye opener. Please review the company's material below to make your own mind up.

Introducing the Flying Flipper Superfly GT 42. the only boat that combines outstanding driving and racing performance with excellent family comfort, all wrapped up in beautiful, modern Scandinavian design. We combine this Scandinavian design with over 40 years of experience. The result is the new superfly gt 42, a unique fusion of power, elegance and utility that pushes the boundaries of sports driving pleasure. you have never seen anything like this before.

It’s all about speed, but speed is useless if you can’t handle it

We have put a lot of effort in designing and developing a top performance racing hull with no savings on safety and performance. The new Superfly GT 42 has an aggressive and lightweight hybrid carbon hull designed for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts. It has a twin stepped hull that will ensure you to get the most out of your ride. Whether you just cruise in easy water or chase across the oceans in rough waves, the new Superfly GT 42 will take you there safely, in style… and fast!

Award winning red yacht design and flying flipper - partners in design

We put a lot of pride and effort in designing a boat for the modern boat users that will stand out and last for a long time. In close collaboration with the award winning design team from Red Yacht Design we have created a boat that looks like nothing else on the market, still the design feels so natural and pure! All the way from its edgy and sharp hull to its unique sliding glass roof top, with a roof line that ends up in an aft side window shaped like air inlets, the new Superfly 42 GT will take your breath away!

We worked hard to implement the Scandinavian way of design solutions, where simplicity meets style and ends up in perfection. The Superfly GT 42 is designed to inspire you as a driver and bring out the best in you! We wanted to design a boat that we love our self, and we think the result speaks for itself. The new Superfly GT 42 is designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts!

We don’t want you to feel at home

When we designed the exterior for the new Superfly GT 42 we wanted to create something that was far away from your daily life and closer to your dreams. Something that creates your feel-good feeling. So why would we settle for anything less when it came to the interior design? The uniqueness of the boat continues in the way we planned the interior and how we arranged the layout and clever storages. We wanted to create a social boat where you want to spend time with your friends and family. The new Superfly GT 42 is the only boat in this segment who will offer you and your family or friends two separate cabins, one forward and one large owners cabin in the rear.

The saloon contains a spacious living area combined with a full sized high tech kitchen and a diner table. The roomy and bright bathroom offer you all the luxury convenient you want and need.

In the cockpit, you will find a spacious U-shaped sofa that within seconds transform into face forward seats when it’s time for take-off. A table is hidden under the floor and folds up by a push on a button.

You can tell that it's a driver’s machine by the way we designed the dashboard and driver seat! We shaped the dashboard around the driver making him/her feel like one with the machine. The driver should feel like he/her is running a formula one car or a space craft!

In the forward cabin, you will find two separate beds and a lots of smart storage room. There is also a glass roof hatch for easy entering and baggage loading. The glass hatch combined with the big side windows creates a bright and roomy feeling.

In the rear, you will find one more of the boats unique features, the aft cabin. This is the owners cabin where you find a double king sized bed and lots of storage. Two big rear windows on each side of the bed as well as two more on each side of the boat will create a bright and roomy feeling for you. Not to mention the big glass roof that will let you feel like you are sleeping under the stars.
Like we said, we don’t want you to feel at home. We want you to live your dream…

Superior quality and the finest parts, nothing else will do…

The new Superfly GT 42 is produced by using lightweight Hybrid Carbon, allowing maximum strength at minimum weight costs. Only the best materials are being used for the exterior as well as for the interior. We combine different materials and textures to create a unique and exiting interior. We work as much as possible with eco-friendly and natural materials. Choose from a variety of different materials and colours. Superior quality and the finest parts, nothing else will do. The new Superfly GT 42 is built to order and built around you. Your wishes are our demand!

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