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Carbon Mast Varnish

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Topic: Carbon Mast Varnish
Posted By: tmoore
Subject: Carbon Mast Varnish
Date Posted: 17 Aug 09 at 2:02pm

Im about to order some varnish as my carbon mast is quite flakey.

I was thinking international 'original'. Is there any others which are better? But most importantly how much of it (sold in 375ml or 750ml or 2.4l) will I need for my 300 mast?

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Posted By: Merlinboy
Date Posted: 17 Aug 09 at 2:58pm
You Will need 2 pot varnish Tom, Originall varnish will just flake off and only last a few weeks, You could always buy car paint laquer from halfords, it last longer and can be sprayed on so it takes less time to dry etc.


Posted By: tmoore
Date Posted: 17 Aug 09 at 3:53pm
Iv tried the laquer and it looks poo. I spoke to mark henman (sails at sunderland) and he did his mast in a international one pot varnish 2years ago and it looks brand new.

Landlocked in Africa
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Posted By: dave.blakesley
Date Posted: 17 Aug 09 at 8:34pm
I used international goldspar (1 pot) on the top section of my b14 (composite) a few months ago and it still looks almost new, very shiny and made a big difference to the original white and flaky top section that i had before...


Posted By: winging it
Date Posted: 17 Aug 09 at 10:34pm
Graham Scott from wavelength advised me to do mine with two pack.

the same, but different...

Posted By: iansmithofotley
Date Posted: 17 Aug 09 at 10:36pm

Hi Tom,

I also used International Goldspar on my carbon mast, three years ago, and the finish is still good, with no flaking.   I have since touched up a couple of scuffs (from capsizes/support boat contact) at the top of the mast and they have blended in nicely. I have had no problems with the product and would recommend it.

Ian  (Yorkshire Dales S.C.)

Posted By: Medway Maniac
Date Posted: 17 Aug 09 at 11:21pm
A clubmate rang Super Spars and asked what they recommeded, and was told not to varnish at all! They said that UV damage was only on the surface and had negligible effect on strength so that varnishing merely added another maintenance cycle.

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Posted By: Peaky
Date Posted: 18 Aug 09 at 8:57am
Can you just wax them instead?  That would make it nice and shiny, and possibly provide some UV protection (if needed) and would be easier to apply.


Posted By: Medway Maniac
Date Posted: 18 Aug 09 at 9:08am
Someone on the forum once recommended stuff from Halfords intended to UV protect car plastic bits... Sounds easier than varnishing, and no peeling after a couple of years.

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Posted By: ifoxwell
Date Posted: 18 Aug 09 at 9:24am
I've used international one pot white paint before and it
worked perfectly


Posted By: timnoyce
Date Posted: 18 Aug 09 at 9:51am
I used some standard one pot black boat paint on my mast last week after I had made 2 become 1 again. Just used it for a week at the nationals and there has been no chipping and seems strong.... oh, and the mast survived after me repairing it so happy days! 

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Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 18 Aug 09 at 10:14am
Originally posted by Medway Maniac

A clubmate rang Super Spars and asked what they recommeded, and was told not to varnish at all!

Obviously they've never picked up an old windsurfer mast and filled their hands with glass fibres... Its quite suprising how much has eroded after a few years in the sun. Personally I use light coloured paint. You can't tell where varnish has worn off...

Posted By: tmoore
Date Posted: 18 Aug 09 at 11:50am
My top section got a coat of car laquer simply so i didnt get fibres in my hands. Goldspar stuff ordered now as quite a few people have reccomended it. Cheers for the advice people, ill post some pics once its all done and looking new 

Landlocked in Africa
RS300 - 410
Firefly F517 - Nutshell
Micro Magic RC yacht - Eclipse

Posted By: Merlinboy
Date Posted: 18 Aug 09 at 8:57pm
I sprayed my mast black with Plasticote black enamel, its lasted really well and no problems to report.


Posted By: Lukepiewalker
Date Posted: 21 Aug 09 at 7:18pm
I went with white paint myself, although something slightly off-white to cut down on glare is worth considering. As Jim says, with paint it is fairly straightforward to find the worn bits. And if you don't have the facilities to deal with two-pack it's ideal.

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Posted By: Paramedic
Date Posted: 12 Sep 09 at 7:44pm

I think the ideal solution is to use a white cellulose primer and then a varnish/laquer over the top. This gives you the hardness of varnish (Toplac is actually quite soft) and the UV proofness of paint.

I've done just this on the part of the mast that has my rake settings as i think tape is messy. It would be quite time consuming to do over the whole spar, but would last for ages, easily 4 or 5 years.

I used a "powercan" white primer (aerosol) bought from from Jawel paints and international Perfection varnish.

Posted By: craiggo
Date Posted: 14 Sep 09 at 9:02am
International Perfection two pot is the way to go, but as with all varnishing or painting the quality of the finish is determined by the preparation.

I re-varnished my mast with two coats last summer and it looks great appart from where the 'tac rag' didnt pick up some of the sanding dust around the gooseneck, and its gone a bit 'milky' in a small patch.

When Superspars say dont bother re-varnishing, perhaps its because they want you to buy a new mast off of them!
I have seen at least two RS600 superspars masts break through UV degradation and neglect.

Posted By: Jamie600
Date Posted: 08 Oct 09 at 5:04pm

Does anyone have any thoughts on using thinned-down epoxy as a varnish? It's only for the lower section of my RS600 mast to make it look pretty, the rest of the mast has been varnished by the last owner but it has flaked off the bottom section and I can't justify buying a whole tin of 2-pack varnish for a two-foot section of mast.

RS600 1001

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 08 Oct 09 at 5:21pm
Originally posted by Jamie600

Does anyone have any thoughts on using thinned-down epoxy as a varnish?
The object of the exercise is to provide UV protection for the epoxy resin, which lacks it, so a layer of thinned epoxy won't really add much value. Better a small tin of cheap one pot I would have thought if you must have varnish.

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