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Box and Cox open Meeting

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Topic: Box and Cox open Meeting
Posted By: djdhi
Subject: Box and Cox open Meeting
Date Posted: 20 Apr 09 at 3:13pm

Open meetings generally have three meetings a day, based on a notional hour race,  Supposing the RO scheduled FOUR meetings a day based on 45 min races.Two  singlehanders could then travel as a pair with just one boat and car and do two races each, or the entry could be made on a club basis with the stronger sailor doing three races, and the weaker one,or they could toss for it.

This could have huge benefits in personal energy saved, keeping older sailors still interested in doing a circuit going a bit longer, saving a lot of fuel obviously!!!! The setup in the average Topper or Laser or Streaker should not pose too many problems to someone new to that boat. RIgging and de-rigging would be much quicker.  Less parking space would be required at the host club and it would be a way of introducing new sailors to a club circuit.

What do you think?



Posted By: radixon
Date Posted: 20 Apr 09 at 3:38pm

Buy a double stacker and take your own boat. Sves the fuss, agro, boredom of waiting etc etc.


Posted By: Adam MR 1137
Date Posted: 20 Apr 09 at 4:36pm

Do what we do for OK open meetings.

One on a trailer on the back and one on the roof.

Or for european events I know some people travel with a double stacker and a boat on the roof aswell! 3 people, 3 boats, one car. saves feul costs and ferry costs.

Merlin rocket 1137
OK 2049
Can be seen at - WYC

Posted By: English Dave
Date Posted: 20 Apr 09 at 6:30pm
The problem with divvying it all up is that most ROs will run back to back races, especially in coastal areas where you have to sail for 40+ minutes to get out of your estuary/creek and reach the racing area. Sailing back in to the club to swap helms and then sail back out again will add another hour to the time-on-water.

Although fuel is a big part of away-day costs, it has to fight alongside accommodation, food, entry fees and hangover remedies. For example on my last trip to Cork (250 miles). Fuel was about 100. Entry was 50. Accommodation was free as we camped. Food and beer was about 100 for the weekend (it's about 4.50 a pint in Southern Ireland). Next month is Dun Laoghaire which is closer (about 120 miles)  but no camping so take off 50 for the diesel but add 70 for two nights B&B.

English Dave - Ballyholme Yacht Club

(You'd think I'd be better at it by now)

Hurricane 5.9 SX

Posted By: ChrisJ
Date Posted: 21 Apr 09 at 1:30pm

The first Vareo open meeting of the season (and traditionally one of the better supported ones) was held just before Easter on one day, when the other meetings in the year tend to be 2-day events.

We arranged for 4 races in the day, two back-to-back, then a break for lunch, repairs, loo break etc, before the last 2 back-to-back. It worked well, and gave everyone some great racing. It does mean the races are about 45 mins, rather than an hour: but when you have an Asymmetric up, it is as hard work upwind as it is down! so people were very pleased to finish after 45 mins and have a 5 minute break before the next one.

Posted By: gordon
Date Posted: 21 Apr 09 at 5:21pm
Why should races last as long as an hour. The critical moments of a race are the start, first beat, first windward mark, first run and first leeward mark. 90% of places have then been sorted.

Why not finish and get on with another race? Try running 6 races in a day and see what the competitors think. As long as the first beat is long enough to seperate out the fleet so that there is not carnage at the windward mark.



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