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abandoning a race in no wind?

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Topic: abandoning a race in no wind?
Posted By: marcus3292
Subject: abandoning a race in no wind?
Date Posted: 10 Feb 08 at 5:23pm
how long would you give it for the wind to fill in???

i was at alton water today, race starts at 11am, but at 10 am theres no wind, so they abandoned it there and then no postponement, just threw the towel in!, i was a little unhappy as i had travelled for over an hour to get there

i would of given it till at least 11am before calling it off,

by then the wind had started to fill in nicely, so i sailed at my home club and had a cracking sail.

Posted By: radixon
Date Posted: 10 Feb 08 at 5:27pm

Have to say, that is harsh.

I'm sure the Alton boys may be along soon, its not as though today it was freezing cold and snowing, far from it.

If its your "home club" then I think it would be worth writing into the Racing Committee cos as you say, not everyone lives round the corner.

Argue your case, so it doesnt happen again.


Posted By: Contender443
Date Posted: 10 Feb 08 at 5:32pm

I would not abondon before 11am. If you do abondon at 10am then sods law says there will be a nice wind at 11am!

We have been known to abondon at 10am at our club but then it has been blowing force 6, with a big surf on a rising tide. It would then be impossible to lauch safely. 

Bonnie Lass Contender 1764

Posted By: Splosh
Date Posted: 10 Feb 08 at 5:40pm

Yes, I was down at Alton today... 1 of 3 who went out!

I went out about 12.30 in the 600 and was tapeezing upwind! Even though at times I was 'drifting' about it was a really nice day, even braved into the thin wetsuit and no rash vests and I was still sweating buckets!

Everyone who did'nt sail missed out it was great from 1.00 onward to 3.30ish.


Overall was a good sail and plenty on bimbling, but shame about the race even a short 1/2hour race would of made it worthwile for many.




RS300 - 346 :D

Posted By: timeintheboat
Date Posted: 10 Feb 08 at 6:13pm
IMHO when people turn up for cub racing they want a race. There is rarely *no* wind. Inland with no tide - give it a go.

If it ends up being a crap course - well a race is better than no race.

It does help if the race marks can be moved in to make the course smaller - if the wind gets up - send em around again.

Like some other things - sailing is more enjoyable when you do it with someone else

Posted By: MRJP BUZZ 585
Date Posted: 10 Feb 08 at 6:34pm
That is rather early, at chew today we were supposed to race at 11 but we waited and it paid off as we got two races in at half past one.

Josh Preater">BUZZING IS FUN

Posted By: alstorer
Date Posted: 10 Feb 08 at 6:40pm
I'd reckon for Sunday racing due at 11am, really should leave it till at least 12 before properly canning it.

Didn't go out ourselves today, we did work on the boat instead (hopefully now I won't slide off the foredeck). The Solo and the 300 sailors were claiming that the wind filled in and it was actually fun. We didn't believe them.

Posted By: GBR884
Date Posted: 10 Feb 08 at 6:56pm

i know it was rubbish because i really wanted to race.

they normally postpone the race for a while first which is what we thought they had done (until we asked someone that actually knew what the flags meant!!)

at 11 o clock there was abit of breeze and i know i've raced in less so it seemed very strange. Me and chris thought about setting up a race but their didn't seem to be much interest.

i did get to replace my continuous kicker though so it wasn't too bad for me.



Posted By: Splosh
Date Posted: 10 Feb 08 at 7:09pm
Originally posted by GBR884

i did get to replace my continuous kicker though so it wasn't too bad for me.


Yes, Little brother done it for you! It was the best splice i've ever done and better than the one on my boat! I'm going to have to redo mine

They normally at alton (as adam said) postpone it and reveiw the situation if the breeze builds. It was very strange, even a normall afternoon race didn't happen which would of been lovely.


RS300 - 346 :D

Posted By: ASok
Date Posted: 10 Feb 08 at 7:52pm

2:30pm kick off in the rugby may not have helped???


Posted By: marcus3292
Date Posted: 10 Feb 08 at 8:24pm
Originally posted by ASok

2:30pm kick off in the rugby may not have helped???

thats what i texted my mate who couldnt make it.

i couldnt believe it but hey it happens, i was just glad that i could take my boat back down to river yacht club, and i had a great sail.

only 2 or so hours wasted driving and diesel,

may come back next week if its on

Posted By: willma
Date Posted: 10 Feb 08 at 11:22pm
Maybe we could have waited a little longer but its always a case of damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Point taken re waiting for 1100


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 11 May 08 at 7:46pm
Just as a matter of interest, what is the abandon sequence flag wise if the
race has gotten under way, but the wind failed, they haven't made the 1st
mark, so flag S isn't an option?

Nearly occurred today and I couldn't for the life of me remember.

Posted By: alstorer
Date Posted: 11 May 08 at 10:09pm
Look in the front of the rule book. N (the blue and white chequered flag) on its own, with three blasts, means all races started are abandoned and to return to the start area for further signals. It will be removed with a single blast, and the warning signal will then be a minute later.

N over H with three blasts abandons all races started, return to shore for further signals.

N over A is the end to your day. - The first part of the rules, which has the basic flag guide, is here.

S should only be used when the fleet can actually make it to the next valid finishing point, not to retroactively apply a finish potion based on rounding a previous mark.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 12 May 08 at 8:45am
Thanks for that, only rule book I currently own dates back to the seventies,
the Elvstrom book with the little plastic boats in the cover..

Not a brilliantly equipped OOD.

Posted By: alstorer
Date Posted: 12 May 08 at 9:17am
One of the better things the ISAF has done, putting all the rules free online. All the case books are on there as well, and there's pages with the rules for all ISAF International classes.

Posted By: gordon
Date Posted: 12 May 08 at 5:05pm
" Thanks for that, only rule book I currently own dates back to the seventies,
the Elvstrom book with the little plastic boats in the cover..

Not a brilliantly equipped OOD."

Thus confirming the suspicions of many judges!



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