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Wood boats in winter

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Topic: Wood boats in winter
Posted By: djdhi
Subject: Wood boats in winter
Date Posted: 03 Nov 07 at 10:23pm


if you absolutely have to leave your wooden boat outside over winter, (its a racing mirror in good nick!) any tips from other sailors ? Is it best upside down, raised off concrete on old tyres with a tarpaulin over, or just left on the trailer with a good cover on ?



Posted By: HannahJ
Date Posted: 03 Nov 07 at 10:44pm
I've left mine outside for two years now and it hasn't suffered much, I think right way up with a decent mastup/boom up cover would be all right, might be worth a check every week or so to bail out if there's heavy rain.

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Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 04 Nov 07 at 9:27am
If you can arrange things with props and so on so that no cover and nothing absorbent ever touches the deck/hull surface it would be a big improvement. Biggest mistake I ever made was I left a boat upside down in such a way that water could sit on the underside of the decks. I had to give up and rip the decks off in the end, they were just trashed. I now rent a lock up garage locally. It takes about three years to use up the cost of the ply for replacement decks...

Posted By: sailor_420
Date Posted: 04 Nov 07 at 11:14am
yeah dont let the cover rest on the deck when its wet, make sure its propped up! Our cadet has water damage on the bow leaving a horrible colour on the bow, yet another winter job!


Posted By: Paramedic
Date Posted: 04 Nov 07 at 2:23pm

Breathable cover is essential. If you're keeping it at home next to the house is good as the ambient warmth and shelter will prevent frost forming.

It is also essential to take the cover (Breathable or not) off at least once a fortnight to let the boat air. This can also help prevent frost damage.

Posted By: Graham T
Date Posted: 04 Nov 07 at 8:01pm
I always used to store my mirrors upside -down on tyres to let the air circulate There is no danger of water getting trapped that way.

Posted By: HannahJ
Date Posted: 04 Nov 07 at 9:18pm
It's a pain if you want to sail them then though

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The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist hopes it will change; the realist adjusts the sail

Posted By: sailor_420
Date Posted: 04 Nov 07 at 9:33pm
Make something to keep the cover off the decks and open inspection hatches. If your not planning on using it for a while turn upside down so the water doesnt get on to the decks. I think thats it...


Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 04 Nov 07 at 9:48pm
If upside down, don't let water settle on the underside of the gunwales, or they will rot.

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