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Class Racing

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Topic: Class Racing
Posted By: redback
Subject: Class Racing
Date Posted: 16 Nov 04 at 4:49pm

I'm sure you've heard it before but with the proliferation of classes it is hard to get class racing.  My club with about 450 boats in the boat park gets about 30 out on a good day.  10 of these might be Lasers but with 3 different rigs and then if we are lucky there might be as many as 3 of some other class - not enough for class racing.

Are there any clubs out there who have solved this problem or any individuals who have some good ideas?

Posted By: Garry
Date Posted: 16 Nov 04 at 6:53pm

At our club the class rep for Lasers is going all out to get them on the water with an extensive training programme - you could try that or what about phoning them up individually to achieve a critical mass in selected classes?

As another thought what about:

1. Having a 'beginners' class start

2. Have an introduction to racing day where there are lectures on the rules/tatics but also more experienced sailors crew for new racers in a couple (or series) of events to build confidence.

3. Replace the two turns penalty with say an optional 2% time penalty (depending on how long your races are) and then have a quick informal but moderated protest discussion - thus not knowing some of the intricacies of the rules is not a pyscological barrier to joining in the racing as disqualification isn't the penalty for not knowing the rules and people learn in the process.



Lark 2252, Contender 298

Posted By: Harry44981!
Date Posted: 17 Nov 04 at 8:02am
I  think many people new to racing feel intimadated by formal racing, so at our club weve run a couple of adult learn to race saturday training sessions, and now have lots of new people racing, like Garry said.


Posted By: redback
Date Posted: 17 Nov 04 at 3:12pm

Thanks Harry44981! and Garry, that sounds a great idea.

Posted By: Jon Emmett
Date Posted: 17 Nov 04 at 4:07pm
I think a lot of people new to racing are worried about the rules and being protested. I think the arbitration system (using 20% penatly) works very well. It is important even if they are 'beginner' races which people obey the rules (and do not hit marks or each other!)

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Posted By: Garry
Date Posted: 17 Nov 04 at 6:28pm
Originally posted by Jon Emmett

I think a lot of people new to racing are worried about the rules and being protested. I think the arbitration system (using 20% penatly) works very well.

Jon while I agree the 20% penalty is too severe under these circumstances. Depending on the conditions it probably takes less than 30 seconds to do 2 turns (unless your kite is up) in a 60 minute race thatís about 0.8% of the race time, thus a 2 - 5% penalty is much more reasonable. However, if you deliberately foul with the intention of trying to get away without taking a penalty then thatís either a DSQ or rule 2 DSQ and so not discardable. For example if an experienced racer was involved in a clear (if we ever have those) port stbd incident and in the wrong the experienced sailor should immediately take a 720. However, if an incident occurred and a boat concerned was unsure they could acknowledge an infringement and carry on sailing with it resolved amicably later. However, what you can't have is a sailor choosing not to take a penalty immediately when they know they are in the wrong for tactical reasons. Wording the sailing instructions might be a challenge. You could also formalise what often happens informally at clubs where more experienced sailors give more leeway to those they know are less experienced (like letting them get away with a tack in the two boat zone or letting them inside when the overlap was established too late but accepting that their sailing isn't up to either thinking that far ahead or rapidly slowing down.

It did cross my mind today whether there would be value in doing a survey to determine the 'barriers to racing' as I'm sure if we knew what those were events could be targeted at those who could be persuaded to try racing!


Lark 2252, Contender 298

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