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Gnav Vang Kits for laser 2

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Topic: Gnav Vang Kits for laser 2
Posted By: JohnRs400
Subject: Gnav Vang Kits for laser 2
Date Posted: 28 Jun 06 at 7:28am

Trying to make more room on our clubs laser 2.

Has anyone tried to put on Gnav vang instead of a kicker for the laser 2.

Even better can you buy kits to do this.


Posted By: gonzo
Date Posted: 28 Jun 06 at 7:54am

used to sail laser 2s but never thought of doing it.

Doubt very much it will be class legal and not sure how the boom and mast would stand up.

Give it ago and send some pics


Go Big or Go home or sail a 49er!!!

Posted By: yellowhammer
Date Posted: 28 Jun 06 at 10:10am


we've developed a Gnav kit for the Laser 3000 which re-uses the existing vang blocks to keep the price down ... makes a huge difference to crew comfort and is now allowed in our class rules

see -

the kit is available from Vandercraft for about 140, assuming you have a similar kicker to ours for the existing parts required, you can get contact details on the website homepage

not sure if it would be compatible with your mast and bendy boom, but might give you ideas on rigging something similar

while you're at it, go for an aft bridle arrangement with off-the-boom sheeting, which also makes a huge difference to sailing comfort (not compatible with single handed trapezing if you're into that)

Posted By: yellowhammer
Date Posted: 28 Jun 06 at 11:44am
PS the fact that the purchase pulls the boom in to the gooseneck means you don't have to replace the gooseneck with a bolted version

Posted By: Medway Maniac
Date Posted: 28 Jun 06 at 1:12pm

I wrote to the L2 Association 10 years ago suggesting (I was an L2 sailor then)  the Gnav (& spreaders!) would make the class more attractive. I was told that such things were unthinkable in a strict one-design class; now there's hardly anything of the class left compared to its hey-day. Adapt or perish is nature's way.

The 3k Gnav won't suit a Laser 2 unless the fitting at the boom end of the strut is changed to suit the L2's round boom - though I'm sure that would be possible: 14's use Gnavs that act on their rounded top carbon booms. I'm thinking of some sort of high-tech rain guttering, inverted and bolted onto the strut...

But for sure, a Gnav would help crews a lot on the L2 just as it has on the 3k. Aren't we a caring lot, we helms?

As to off-the-boom sheeting on a L2, I'm sure that won't be allowed under class rules either. Also, the sheet loads are appreciably higher on an L2 than on a 3k because the 2:1 is not at the boom-end but some distance in, which means off-the-boom could be a bit of a handful (!), unless you use the optional 3:1 blocks.

Posted By: NickA
Date Posted: 28 Jun 06 at 9:53pm

Off the boom sheeting on a laser 2 works just fine - especially if the traveller is modded to allow the boom to be centred.  Just detach the main block from the floor, remove the spring and u-bracket and fill the screw holes. Then put the main block on the boom in place of the block that's fitted   The sails are not big, so the forces are quite acceptable even with the standard 2:1 ratio (out in force 6 last week - no probs).

The only strange thing is the ability to pull the boom in past the centre line, which really is odd the first time you haul yourself in from the wire using the main sheet and the boom moves not you!

Never found a GNAV kit tho. 

.......oops all the V3000 crowd muscling in here ... we're getting like the cherubs!


Posted By: Medway Maniac
Date Posted: 28 Jun 06 at 10:20pm
But is it class legal to remove the floor mounted block, Nick? I used to take the sheet from the boom, Laser style, on the kite reaches, but removing the final block is another matter and doesn't sound very much like the L2 class I knew.

Posted By: NickA
Date Posted: 30 Jun 06 at 7:43pm

I was about to write a rant about unecessarily restrictive class rules .... but actually a perusal of the rules (something I rarely do) shows only rules 9c & 12a

9c Mainsheet: The mainsheet shall not be controlled from any point aft of the forward boom block, except whilst gybing or tacking.

12a  The cockpit centre mainsheet block may be replaced by any type of single block fitting with or without an integral or attached jamming device and mounted in the position shown in the - Measurement Diagram .

So you have to leave the block installed but you don't have to use it.  Which is just plain silly.  Better stop before that rant starts writing itself .....

Posted By: JohnRs400
Date Posted: 06 Jul 06 at 2:37pm
Many thanks for all the replys.

Due to other boat damages the task has been moved to the winter.


Posted By: feva_sailor
Date Posted: 06 Jul 06 at 3:27pm
can you put progrip on the laser 2?our one is seriously slippy when wet


Posted By: Medway Maniac
Date Posted: 06 Jul 06 at 5:18pm
We found the choice of footwear to be very significant in terms of gunwale slippiness on the L2 (and on the L3k for that matter) With the right boots e.g. Typhoon with the micro-siped soles, there is usually plenty of grip, and the non-slip doesn't ruin your hikers like some....

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