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Same race, different courses published.

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Topic: Same race, different courses published.
Posted By: Chris Bowen
Subject: Same race, different courses published.
Date Posted: 05 May 22 at 12:28pm
My club publishes set courses for the club racing. They are published online and in the club’s  annual handbook. The only reference to the courses in the SIs refers to ‘standard course cards’. Unfortunately an administrative error has occurred and one of the courses is different online when compared to the handbook. We discovered this half way round the course last night when half the fleet sailed off to a different mark! 
After the race there was some discussion as to how this should be resolved. The main ideas being -
1.  Abandon the race.
2.  The first 5 marks of both courses were the same and the race officer recorded times and positions at mark 4, so those times and positions could be used, but there was some place changing after mark 4.
3. As everyone sailed a ‘correct’ course, award places for each course. This would mean there would be 2 first places, 2 second places etc.
I have had a quick look at the SIs and rules, but can’t find anything to cover this. What is the correct action to take?

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 05 May 22 at 12:39pm
Well, issuing two different courses is clearly an improper action by the RC, so you need to hold a redress hearing and dump it in the Protest Committee's lap. Their job is to make the fairest possible arrangement for every affected competitor. I don't suppose there's any specific precedent.

If I were on the PC I would suggest we looked at the places at mark 4, and then at the final places, do some interpolation, so that each half were scored in finishing order, and when in any doubt score ties between people who went to different marks. I don't suppose the fleet were considerate enough for the leader to go to mark A, 2nd place to Mark B all in a neat order.

Posted By: Brass
Date Posted: 05 May 22 at 1:40pm
The race committee can, if it wishes, abandon the race under rule 32.1(d), for reason affecting the fairness of the competition.

The race committee can NOT adjust the times or places it has recorded for boats that have finished. As Jim says only the protest committee can do that, and then, only if it concludes that boats are entitled to redress. And in a redress hearing the protest committee can't adjust a boats place or time so as to worsen her score, because that would be to penalise her without a protest, contrary to rule 63.1.

So prolly the best course is for the race committee to go on the front foot and request redress for all boats that finished.

Assuming that everyone agrees about who sailed the short course and who sailed the long one, your solution of scoring places 1, 2, 3 ... for each short and long course would be a good one. The rationale as you described is that each set of competitors has had a fair race among themselves.

Given that you've got finishing places and times, I don't think it's a good idea to go back to mark rounding or engage in too much mathematactics.

Posted By: Chris Bowen
Date Posted: 05 May 22 at 8:15pm
Thanks Jim and Brass.

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