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Race course design

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Topic: Race course design
Posted By: GaryUngless
Subject: Race course design
Date Posted: 28 Nov 20 at 1:09am
I have spent the last 3 weeks of lockdown writing an App to do race course design. It is able to handle standard or random courses,  and it is very flexible. Any mark,start,finish or gate can be moved, rotated etc Standard courses can be loaded, scaled, rotated. It calculates the course length a race time depending on the wind speed. (For a Laser)  It can also use GPS to help place the marks correctly. I intend to leave this a Free App open to all.....

Please try it out." rel="nofollow -   

Any comments would be appreciated.....
If anyone has any ideas I could incorporate, I will always add acknowledgements.

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 28 Nov 20 at 10:55am
Looks good.
My club uses 7 fixed buoys and a movable 'X' buoy (to set the start gate), 90% of the time the prevailing wind is a south westerly, first leg is a beat, first turn is always to port, second turn is again to port, these 2 buoys (number 4 and 3, start between 7 and the 'X' buoy) are very close together, the zones are almost touching, you go from a beat to a broad reach and a gybe onto a run, this causes loads of errors in a blow, water a boats width to starboard also shallows very rapidly so takes a brave helm to attempt a overtake, from Buoy 3 you run to 6, which is a starboard turn, (very close to the bank and overhanging trees) most of the buoys have issues.
Will your app work with a course like this?


Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 28 Nov 20 at 11:39am
Nothing will work with a course like that!

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Posted By: GaryUngless
Date Posted: 28 Nov 20 at 11:40am
Can't see any reason why not.  You can fix the position of any of the Marks.  Port/Starboard is automatically assigned unless you specify the mark as always port or starboard..  You are also able to name the marks  to meet you local names...  Eg The X bouy will be named 'X' and be able to be moved around. You can put the X buoy at one end of the startline and 7 at the other end.

It just needs a map image of your venue in the  background to make sense.


Posted By: Gordon 1430
Date Posted: 28 Nov 20 at 11:44am
Have sent the link to two RO one national and one Regional will let you know there comments.

Phantom 1430

Posted By: GaryUngless
Date Posted: 28 Nov 20 at 11:45am

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 28 Nov 20 at 12:33pm
Need to make our course technical, longest leg is only 600 metres, we use every buoy, boats are crisscrossing, adds to the excitement.


Posted By: GaryUngless
Date Posted: 28 Nov 20 at 12:45pm
How complicated do you need?  There are no limits to the number of marks,  where they are placed, or the number of times you can go round.  You can even have a mark you go round to port and starboard on different legs  You can have a separate start & finish and a port starboard gate...

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 28 Nov 20 at 3:47pm
Bouys are clockwise from jetty, 1 to 7, 1 and 7 are at opposite ends of the jetty, 1 is about 300 metres away and 7 about 30 metres away, longest legs are 1 to 5,approx' 600 metres, second longest 1 to 4 about 400 metres, closest together 3 and 4, zones are almost touching, Bouys are in numerical order clockwise in a rough oval, pool about 20 acres.
Course for a south westerly, Start between 7 and the 'X' buoy, beat up to 4, port turn to 3 (Broad reach) , port turn to 6 (run), starboard turn to 2 (reach), port turn to 1(Broad reach), port turn to 5(reach) port rounding to 7(broad reach), end of lap. Number 1 buoy only one with plenty of room round it, 5 buoy is in a 90 degree corner wind shadowed by large trees, very tricky.


Posted By: GaryUngless
Date Posted: 28 Nov 20 at 4:04pm

Where is your venue.

I will create your picture and load it......  
It will be a good test.

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 28 Nov 20 at 4:57pm
Sandwell Valley sailing club West brom'.
Bouys 1, 2, 3 and 4, going from 4 to 1 water very shallow to starboard, doesn't take much to run around.


Posted By: GaryUngless
Date Posted: 28 Nov 20 at 7:29pm
I have now enabled a jpeg file loader. So you can have any background
 I think this is your course at Sandwell.  The marks actually show up on Google maps, so I placed the marks on top of them

Posted By: Granite
Date Posted: 29 Nov 20 at 9:32am
Looks interesting, is there a way to link to location so you can send the RIB crew to the right place to set the mark?

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Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 29 Nov 20 at 10:42am
Very good, marks are slightly out of place, fishermen tend to catch them and drag them out of position, plus storms. 5, 6 and 7 are inline when you look along them from the jetty when we put them in their proper places, 7 is nearer end of jetty, 5 is nearer corner.
1 is out of place and is normally further from jetty.
This course has never been used though, would be a banger race near 3 and 4, boats zigzagging up to 4 would run into boats reaching across to 5, looks exciting though.


Posted By: GaryUngless
Date Posted: 29 Nov 20 at 11:09am

Give it a try.  The image creation using Google maps is very easy.  You will need to edit the image The image can then be uploaded and is stored in the browser cache.  The only other thing you have to enter is the width in meters of the image.   

Posted By: GaryUngless
Date Posted: 29 Nov 20 at 11:16am
The App uses the geolocation on your device.  You just select the  "Location' option and a big yellow dot appears showing your  device location.  So the rib driver either takes out that device or downloads your course into his own device.  He then drives out to where the mark should be and drops it....

There is also going to be the option to export all the mark locations and upload them into a normal Google map. 

Posted By: GaryUngless
Date Posted: 29 Nov 20 at 11:40am
 The App is completely free you just have to go to the web page to use it.   No login, or registration is needed. Just like Windguru.  

You can upload you own image as background, and this is stored in the browsers internal memory.  So it means it can work offline in a Committee boat or rib." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: MerlinMags
Date Posted: 01 Dec 20 at 2:42pm
Top marks for making sure it can work offline!

Posted By: GaryUngless
Date Posted: 01 Dec 20 at 4:53pm
Thanks.  it does take some work to make it operable off line.  Everything has to be client side code.

This App will eventually be installable as a Progressive Web App.     This means that it can can be called up like any other Native App.  It is not difficult, but is is best done when the project is nearly complete.

I am still adding stuff to the Course design App.

It now gives the percentage of time spent beating, running and reaching, as well as the overall time for the course.  This varies considerably with wind speed. 

I am also adding the facility of changing the class to get a better estimate of the course time. 

You are now able to copy a course JPEG  to the clipboard, or save it as a file to your device.  You do distribute it to whom you wish.   There is also an option to publish to a web site.  But this needs a login for security 

I will not allow this App to share directly to social media.  It is straight forward code wise,  but those innocent looking social media sharing buttons, are not so innocent. Even when you don't press them they are actively seeking information about the user....

I really must get out more......
(From tomorrow I may be able to go sailing t our Club!)

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