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Which cat to buy , so many options

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Topic: Which cat to buy , so many options
Posted By: jamescrip
Subject: Which cat to buy , so many options
Date Posted: 06 Nov 18 at 8:52am
Hi I am moving over from a monohull to a cat sailing dinghy . I have had enough of mooring fees and the long slog to launch a tender and finally arrive at my boat to go sailing. The speed and ease of use is why I have decided to move towards a sailing cat. There is so many to choose from itís hard to know which way to look . I will mainly be sailing with a crew member but single handed sailing is important to me. I think a well built and strong design is important to me
As I live in Falmouth and would really like to be able to sail a fair distance safely. One boat that seems to keep being suggested is a dart 18, other ideas would be much appreciated .The only other question is I rarely see cats with spinnakers and this is something that I really enjoy using. Any advice please


Posted By: pondlife1736
Date Posted: 06 Nov 18 at 10:05am
If you want to race, then Dart 18 or it's smaller version for single-handing the Sprint 15 are good options.
 If you just want to cruise, have a look at the Dart 16. Completely different to the 18/15, it's bulletproof, very stable, easy to single-hand but can carry 3 or 4 at a pinch. There are loads around & cheap now. There is also a spinnaker option.
Falmouth pretty much perfect for cat sailing - very envious!

Posted By: chris_wht
Date Posted: 06 Nov 18 at 10:29am
Restronguet sc is a bit of a stronghold of the dart 18, usually get 4-6 out regularly club racing and equally many pottering.
There is also a young family there with a dart hawk, dad and a couple of kids, out quite often, which seems like pretty good bang for buck.
You also have windsport catparts on the doorstep for any bits you might need.


Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 06 Nov 18 at 11:33am
Usual answer, sadly... Go sail them all!

Windsport should be able to provide lots to try, and you'll have lots of fun doing it!

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Posted By: pondlife1736
Date Posted: 06 Nov 18 at 1:06pm
Originally posted by chris_wht

There is also a young family there with a dart hawk, dad and a couple of kids, out quite often, which seems like pretty good bang for buck.

Maybe I'm overly cautious, but I wouldn't suggest a Formula 18 as a first cat, especially if you want to single-hand sometimes.
But as said, have a chat to Brian at Windsport if you haven't already.

Posted By: Neptune
Date Posted: 06 Nov 18 at 5:51pm
How about a formula 16, they can double or single hand, not very common in uk though sadly

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Posted By: jamescrip
Date Posted: 07 Nov 18 at 1:23pm
Go and sail them , the usual sensible advice I canít argue with that . Is the dart 16 a GRP hull.
I have looked about for a formula 16 and all that comes up is a Hobbie tiger 16 ,, is this what you mean for a different manufacturer ?
F18 would be a dream but my bank balance wonít allow it unfortunately.

Posted By: Wee Man
Date Posted: 07 Nov 18 at 2:38pm
Dart 16 is Rotomoulded plastic...almost unbreakable, no dagger boards but terrible rudders. Not very stiff platform.

Hobie 16, old design, no boards, low buoyancy so prone to pitchpoling in a breeze...surprisingly powerful with fully battoned jib, bugger to tack without the jib.

Formula 16...proper boat, can be sailed 1 or 2 up with 1, 2 or 3 sails. Look for Viper, Stealth.

Spitfire, nice wee boat. sail 1,2 or 3 sails.

Formula 18...lots around, powerful, probably a bit of a handful singlehanded but Hobie Tiger / Nacra Inter 18 can be found for not much money.

See if you can find a Hobie Fox, not many around but built as a singlehander but could carry crew, also Nacra Inter 17.

Nacra Infusion F18

Posted By: Multiplex
Date Posted: 14 Dec 18 at 2:46pm
How often would you be sailing S/H?

If more often than not, or you just want to take someone else along from time to time but not racing, look at an 'A' Cat.  Best thrill you can have with your clothes on!  Plus about 1/2 the weight of the Dart so easy to handle both on and off the water.


British A class Catamaran Association
Hon. Sec.
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Posted By: Pewit
Date Posted: 04 Jan 19 at 6:54am
Left field suggestion but instead of a Cat which are either great for one person or if larger, a handful if you don't have crew especially in a blow, why not look at a trimaran - and specifically a Fun, Fast, Easy, Weta Trimaran which has incredible stability combined with enough buoyancy for three adults and can be easily raced one or two up.

Unlike most cats, it can easily be sailed solo in very strong winds (my max raced is 35 knots) because of the stability of the design and still be righted solo if it ever does capsize (it takes about 5 minutes and I've done that in 30+ knots too!). They've survived a" rel="nofollow - 57 knot squall in the freezing waters of Scotland , completed the 300 mile Everglades Challenge and" rel="nofollow - have been raced for 40 miles up river, against the current in winds from 25-37 knots . 


The Weta is incredible value - No other small sailboat provides all of these benefits:
  • Incredible Stability - Great for teaching, learning or just being able to sail anytime
  • High Performance - Speed up to 20 knots with complete control
  • Effortless Sailing - No abs of steel required
  • Simple to rig - Only 20 minutes from stow to go
  • Compact storage - 2m x 4m (Same as a Laser)
  • Versatility - Sail solo or with others in all conditions
  • Advanced carbon components - Provides light-weight strength and quality
  • High Quality - Components from Harken, Liros, North Sails, Ronstan, Kilwell Fibretube
  • Race Ready - One design racing and competitive in mixed fleet racing
  • UK  racing - One design events, national championships
  • Worldwide availability - Over 1200 sold
  • Customisation - Choose your own hull colour
  • Approved for both Paralympic sailing and World Masters Games
  • Proven New Zealand design
More at" rel="nofollow -

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