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Free Race Control App (Beta Testers Req)

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Topic: Free Race Control App (Beta Testers Req)
Posted By: sykesk01
Subject: Free Race Control App (Beta Testers Req)
Date Posted: 31 Oct 18 at 10:27am
Looking for feedback (beta testers) on a great free Android Dinghy race control app. 

Very kindly developed for the sailing community by Robbie at Lakeside Sailing Club, 

Race count down, automatic timings, instant results compatible with Sailwave. I have worked with Robbie to add features such as Rolling starts, Sailwave Import, Export , External relays for signal horns. Now looking for feedback from the wider community. 
More details ANDROID PLAY." rel="nofollow -…  and here FBG" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Brass
Date Posted: 28 Mar 19 at 5:40am
I've downloaded the updated DSRC v1.5 App.

Looks like a slick operation.

I'd like to use it for a small keelboat pursuit start race that I will be running.

Our pursuit races work like this:
  1. Each boat is allocated a handicap number in whole minutes
  2. Boats start after their handicap start time, being the starting time plus their handicap number.
  3. Places are straight out finishing order.
As I understand it, the appropriate implementation for DSRC is:
  1. Set up fleet as a single class, with all the same 'PY'.
  2. Select all competitors who come to the starting area.
  3. Run race start countdown to the zero starting time
  4. Record race finishers in order.
  5. This should produce a finishing result in finishing order.
  6. Publish results.
Are there any better/suggested work-arounds?

Posted By: DSRC
Date Posted: 02 Oct 20 at 9:43am
If you take a look at the latest release, you will find that DSRC can now score Pursuit races, and also accommodate both 60 second and 30 second start intervals.

Posted By: Sussex Lad
Date Posted: 03 Oct 20 at 12:54pm
Used it a few times with a mobile for club handicaps using a rib as a com boat and it worked very well.

Pick list very straightforward and running races very intuitive, doing everthing you want it to do. It even shows which flags to wave which is very useful for training beginners. Publishing results on sailwave and keeping records very nice.

The pursuit race control looks even easier to grasp again doing everything you'd want it to do.

Quick question if I may:

Can this be run on a laptop or PC using an android emulator (presumably required). Reason for asking is having a larger screen to avoid frantic scrolling through the competitors during a race when the fleet is large  and several boats are approaching the finish/lap line  at the same time?

As with any form of race control a pencil and paper back up still a necessity for lap times of course.

I suppose a tablet might display more competitors at one time than a phone ( I can see six competitors on the screen of my phone at any one time). A club tablet might avoid the necessity of everyone having the app on their own phones I suppose.

Posted By: DSRC
Date Posted: 03 Oct 20 at 2:36pm
Very glad to hear that the app is proving useful.

Although I haven't tired it myself (as I don't own a recent PC device), I believe the app does work with an emulator. That said, I 'm not sure if you get more 'racers' displayed.

I recently changed the text sizing for 'smaller device' (i.e. Phones), which has resulted in them displaying only slightly less entries that a tablet.

This does make now think that it would be useful to change (or possibly as an option) the text sizing for what Google would class as 'extra large' devices e.g. 10" tablets to display more entries.
I'll take a look to see what I can do.

The app does try to 'predict' who 'should' be arriving at the timing line first, by initially using PYNs, and then if you press the 'tick' after each lap timing capture, it uses the last timing order to put the 'expected' leader at the top, and so on.
Also, you can use the search button, which now stays open, to quickly find the next boat heading for the line, give it a lap time as it passes, and then search for the next, and so on.
Or you can use the search just to put the next boats at the top of the list...

Posted By: sykesk01
Date Posted: 03 Oct 20 at 4:04pm
You can run DSRC on an emulator, I've given it a quick test on" rel="nofollow - https://www. -  ,  the number of entries will be the same as a tablet currently approx 9. Great for a quick look but a real device is much better in my opinion.

As Robbie stated using the Tick to sort into on the water order after each lap is a real help and using the Search on the first lap is a great way to pick out the boats first time round.

You can see a search example here  skip to 1:20 if your in a hurry,  any questions just ask.

Posted By: Sussex Lad
Date Posted: 03 Oct 20 at 6:15pm
Thanks for the replies. Personally I'll persevere with the app and run it alongside the existing club race control apparatus whenever we're ROing.

The big advantage for use on a rib com boat is the |instant results.......Being able to shout "You Lost" at the club young guns while they're still on the water is good for their character IMO Wink

Last time out I used a duck decoy call as a hooter. Lots of "WTF was that" expressions.

Posted By: DSRC
Date Posted: 03 Oct 20 at 6:43pm
If you are using the latest version, then for a phone, it's probably displaying the max number of entries that will comfortably fit, and still be easily 'readable and selectable'.

For larger screens, I have readied some changes which will hopefully be in the next release (basically reduced the text size and spacings). But the increase in total entries display isn't massive.

In the end, it all comes down to the resolution of the devices screen, and unfortunately the cheaper end of the tablet market doesn't have a great display spec... More pixels means more entries :o)

Love the idea of a duck decoy BTW

Posted By: Sussex Lad
Date Posted: 03 Oct 20 at 7:33pm
Brilliant. Look forward to the next release.Thumbs Up

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