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Scoring Systems

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Topic: Scoring Systems
Posted By: yellowhammer
Subject: Scoring Systems
Date Posted: 15 Nov 05 at 12:37pm

Please can anyone offer advice on scoring systems for class racing series?

Our 3000 TT class racing series is currently based on 6 events, including the nationals. In 2004 we reduced the number of events from 8 to 6 to concentrate entries at fewer venues, and only score the best 3 results so people only need to sail 3 events to complete the series. We used a simple scoring system, 1st = 1 pt, 2nd = 2 pts, etc. The nationals results currently carry equal weighting to series events. Most events are 2-days, 5 or 6 races, and we score the overall event result rather than individual races.

In 2005, 29 boats competed in at least one event, 8 boats did 2 events, but only 3 boats did 3 or more events. DNCs scored 29 based on the total series entry. Entries at normal TT events varied from 12 down to 3, with 15 at the midweek Nats (down from 19 in 2004).

For 2006 we've considered bringing in a F1 GP style scoring system where 1st = 10 pts, 2nd = 9 pts, ...., 10th or below = 1 pt, DNC = 0 pts. With a higher entry the Nationals could score double: 1st = 20, 2nd = 19, etc. The aim is not to penalise DNCs so heavily and introduce some novelty value.

Does anyone have experience of this count-down style of scoring system? Can anyone recommend an alternative that works well for them?

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Posted By: gordon
Date Posted: 17 Nov 05 at 4:56pm

One of the problems with using a low point system for scoring racing over an extended period is that the winning boat's score is not a reflection of the number of boats entered, nor of the importance of the event.

In our club we use a high points system for scoring club racing which seems to satisfy most people. Very simply : boats score 1 point for coming to the start area plus 1 point for every boat that finishes after her plus one point for every boat that came to the start are but did not finish. DNC, DSQ score zero points.

We have adapted this for our winter Pico sailing (another story) - one point for entering then 1 point plus 1 point for every boat that finishes after her in each day's sailing.

It is necesssary to provide for discards and weightings for more important events.

There are many other systems: the Snipes in France use a system that has the advantage of making sure that people come to the National championships and does not define in advance which events will count.

The formula is:

Pts = K1+K2*((NC-Pl)/NC+Pl-2)

NC= number of competitors

Pl=place obtained in the event


K2= 699 for an international event, 599 for the National championship, 399 for an inter regional event, 99 for a Regional event (club racing is not scored).

Competitors can count: all open International events held in the country, the Nationals, 3 Inter-regional and 5 regional events. The class publishes a list of events that can count as ranking events. This system means that only the Nationals are really an obligatory event.

I'm sure that there are many other system. I seem to remember that the Darts had a system that not only established a rankiong but could calculate each competitors theoretical finishing place in the event - which meant that they could calculate the best performance... does anyone have any details..






Posted By: Scooby_simon
Date Posted: 17 Nov 05 at 10:05pm
The Dart 18 system is documented:

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