Two die during Key West Super Boat World Championships + Video

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Two powerboat competitors died after their boat crashed at high speed during the Key West Super Boat World Championships.

Superboat International President John Carbonell confirmed Robert Morgan, of Sunrise Beach, Mo. (pilot) and Jeffrey Tillman of Kaiser, Mo. (driver) were injured when their boat Big Thunder Marine ‘apparently caught some air and went bow (front) up; straight into the air, came down and went backwards.’ According to reports the boat’s cockpit was crushed as it slammed into the water at high speed.

The crash occurred on the third lap of the race and happened in front of the spectator area.

Both men were pronounced dead despite the quick response from paramedics and race officials.

Super Boat International released this statement:

‘Jeff Tillman and Robert Morgan were involved in a single boat boating accident this afternoon in Key West, Florida. They sustained injuries incompatible with life. Both men were pronounced dead at Lower Keys Medical Center. Our hearts and prayers go out to their families.’

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