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Sail-World.com : Superboats transform Newcastle’s Harbour into Hi-octane Heaven

Superboats transform Newcastle’s Harbour into Hi-octane Heaven

'Team 3 roosting - Offshore Superboat Championships 2014'    Propel Public Relations

Offshore Superboat Championships 2014 - Traditionally host to the Fuelarama Festival, the first round of the 2014 Offshore Superboat Championships season was again highlighted with muscle cars, street displays and live entertainment.

It kicked off to a great start with sunny weather that brought a crowd of 20,000 to Newcastle’s foreshore for Pole Position on Saturday the 26th of April. The 12 boats blasted down a new course inside Newcastle Harbour between the Honeysuckle Hotel and the pits at Wharf Road – all anxious to see how their competitors were placed, with Navy Health unable to turn the engines over.

Unfortunately Sunday brought wind, rain and overcast skies, but with it also came many dedicated spectators lining Newcastle’s foreshore and beaches.

Maritimo Aus - Offshore Superboat Championships 2014 -  Propel Public Relations  

Due to the unfavourable weather conditions, Race one was delayed and the course shortened so the boats turned just outside the head of the harbour with a 20 minute race time. After Navy Health was unable to fire it up for Pole, they took out Race one for the Supercat Extreme Class. Maritimo Newcastle didn’t finish the race due to a broken drivers seat. Team 3 was first over the line by a country mile for Supercat 1000 and so was Saracen for Supercat 600, Kwozzy was unable to start the race due to an electrical fault. The Loaner came through on top for Supercat 400 as the single other competitor 88 Offshore Racing was unable to finish the last lap.

Navy Health and Team 3 - Offshore Superboat Championships 2014 -  Propel Public Relations  

It was Race two that had the crowds holding their breath. All boats were up against the 3m swell with the occasional 5m freak set rolling through. On the last corner, leaders Navy Health with Global Racing not far on their tail, spun out in a funnel of spray right in front of stunned onlookers stationed at The Brewery. The excitement didn’t stop there with a collision between two of the Supercat 600 boats resulting in busted outboards for SUV Newcastle. It was a misfortunate weekend for Maritimo with Maritimo Newcastle out from Race one and Maritimo Australia completing one lap before experiencing engine difficulties.

Global Racing, Wayne Valder and Chris Hanley, cleaned up in Round one, as winner of the Supercat 1000 Class they also took the title as winner of the Inaugural SUV Anzac Challenge, pride of the Tasman, as commemoration of our linked ANZAC heritage against Australian Team BRIG.

Offshore Superboat Championships 2014 -  Propel Public Relations  

Newcomer, Brenton Price, and long time OSC member, Simon Isherwood, gave a super performance in his recently imported Doug Wright boat, Mancine Cosmetics, with Merc 280 HP outboards powering the pink panther along to take the win for Supercat 600.

The Offshore Superboat Championship would like to thank the Newcastle Council, Destination NSW and sponsors for their support for this event and Fuelarama. A special mention to Tim Owen, Member for Newcastle who has been dedicated to securing this event for the people of Newcastle, making it bigger and better than ever.

Also a big thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the event - without their support this event could not happen. The assistance of NSW Road and Maritime Services Newcastle is also greatly appreciated and vital for our operations to be success.

The event will be broadcast by 'Speedweek' on SBS on Sunday the 11th of May.

Offshore Superboat Championships 2014 -  Propel Public Relations  

Offshore Superboat Championships 2014 -  Propel Public Relations  

Offshore Superboat Championships 2014 -  Propel Public Relations  

by Propel Public Relations


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3:17 PM Tue 6 May 2014 GMT

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