Speed of Sight ready to take on blind water speed record

Silverline owner Drew Langdon and Mike Newman
Mike Newman has for some time owned, lost and challenged various world speed records as a blind man. This past October, Mike could be found flying 26 loop the loops with 'The Blades' RAF aerobatic team!

As the Speed Of Sight team builds up to our blind water speed record attempt, Mike is going to do some test runs with Drew Langdon, a renowned world offshore powerboat racer. One of these will take place tomorrow in Torquay at 14.00.

After all, with the Paralympics in full flow right now, the concept of handicapped access to sport is at the forefront of the public’s mind and it’s not every day you get to see a blind man drive a 2200 BHP of racing powerboat.

The current blind water speed record is 99mph set by Silverline, a 42ft Fountain Offshore powerboat with an 18ltr 1500Hp engine and a Kevlar hull.

Mike Newman

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