Ocean Grand Prix Powerboat World Endurance Championship cancelled

UIM Ocean Grand Prix World Endurance Championship 2011
The 2011 UIM Ocean Grand Prix Powerboat World Endurance Championship’s remaining rounds will be cancelled says Event organiser, International Sea Racing Limited.

'We have taken this decision with a heavy heart,' explains Joseph Azzopardi, Event Director, Ocean Grand Prix. 'It is an extremely disappointing way for the inaugural OGP season to end. The key issue that persisted throughout the season related to venues that did not meet their obligations in terms of permissions and in some cases, finance. In the end, we were left with little choice but to cancel the Championship.'

'We apologise profusely for the inconvenience and disappointment this has caused, particularly to the teams who have been so supportive and provided some thrilling racing. We are truly sorry that there will be no more OGP in 2011.'

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