New Product of the Week - the Bow Tent

Folds away easily into a small bag
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Tired of getting splashed and wet in your dinghy when you're a long way from shore? Now a simple addition can keep your clothes - and you dry - in the windiest anchorage. NauticsEurope offer you the 'Bow Tent'

The ‘Inflatable Bow Tent’ enables the user to quickly turn an inflatable dinghy into a small Yacht.

The arched shaped tent is quickly inflated using the complimentary pump and easily attached to the dinghy’s hull using the clever hooks and swivels which are included in the package.

The blue Acrylic and silver ripstop Nylon offers a UV reflective and water repellent barrier, which offers users a perfect shelter against wind, sun and rain.

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The 3 large PVC windows offer excellent visibility. The stabile inflated tube construction enables the user speeds up to 20 km/h, and deflated, the tent is stowed in a compact complimentary Mesh bag taking up very little space.

Lodestar is teaming with NauticsEurope in the selling of the boat worldwide

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