NSW Maritime Bar Alert

Deteriorating weather conditions are causing concern on coastal bar crossings and ocean ramps along the New South Wales coast.

With a gale warning issued for waters north of Wooli, and strong winds and rising swells further south, dangerous conditions are expected for the remainder of this week.

Skippers should be aware that the area of concern extends right along the coastline from the Queensland border down to the Victoria border.

NSW Maritime is asking boat skippers to be responsible and to keep clear of bar crossings.

A bar crossing that may seem OK in the morning can alter its character in a matter of hours and become dangerous for a return.

Skippers should also keep well upstream from river entrances.

NSW Maritime says a number of infringements have been issued for people not wearing lifejackets when crossing bars over recent days. It is mandatory for all people on board a recreational vessel to wear a lifejacket for the crossing, regardless of the conditions.

NSW Maritime says if you're the skipper, you're responsible ... so check the weather.