Karva soothes the Savage beast

At 200kg the Karva 435 is light to tow and easy to handle.
Telwater Pty Ltd
Of all the names to call a new 4.35 metre tinnie Savage somehow managed to come up with Karva ... not to be confused with the popular Polynesian tipple called Kava which is favoured for its sedative qualities yet suspected of having nasty side effects and causing social problems.

The Karva has been released as a value-added package, being priced at $8845 with a 30hp Vortex engine.

There's seating for four adults, foam flotation, and a flat carpeted floor.
Telwater Pty Ltd

The hull seats four adults and has level flotation. With 2mm bottom and 1.6mm topsides it weighs in at only 200kg.

Savage has remodelled its transom designs to makes their boats wider and deeper for better stability and safer for fishermen when casting. The Karva is no different.

Your feet will appreciate the carpeted low floor and boarding is made easier by a transom step and rail.