Houseboats winning the hearts of women

Ads for cars designed for women tend to paint blokes as buffoons. We’re either falling off ladders while watching a Fiesta park itself, being abandoned on street corners or copping a knee in the nether region.

They all show empowered women driving two-door suburban buzz boxes whereas, in reality, most car parks have more seven-seat RVs than you can poke a lipstick at.

It’s the same in boating I reckon, except the industry has never been savvy enough to cotton on.

What women get are images of themselves being draped over outboards and reclining, lips pouted, on sun lounges … aboard boats that will soon stink like old bait and don’t even have a loo.

What (many) women want is … a houseboat.

"Havana" nice day is guaranteed in the new breed of luxury houseboat.
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T he lakes and rivers these vessels inhabit are like country lanes, full of surprises, whereas long offshore runs are like freeways … featureless and mind-numbing. Women see that.

The interiors generally include king-size beds, massive bathrooms, electric-flush toilets and gourmet galleys. All the comforts of home when you’re away.

Check out the Havana G52 houseboat above and see what I mean.

Sure, houseboats can be pigs to steer and downright dangerous in a chop, but that’s why marinas and moorings were invented.

Call me a big girl’s blouse, but I’m slowly coming around...