Grand Prix of Turkey negotiations continue

Class 1 looks set for return to Turkey
Class 1 Media ,
Continuing negotiations between Class 1 promoter Nicolò di San Germano and Ugur Isik to take Class 1 back to Turkey look set to be finalised in the coming weeks.

The Grand Prix of Turkey is provisionally scheduled to be held in Istanbul on 14-16 June, marking the return of the sport for the first time in 13-years.

Ugur, a very familiar face in powerboat circles around the World and the driver of Zabo-Isiklar, organised the first ever Class 1 Grand Prix on the Bosphorus in 1998 and five further highly successful Class 1 events; in Istanbul in 1999 and 2000, Bodrum in 1999, Marmaris in 2000, and in Izmir in 2002 during his time as the promoter of Class 1.

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