F1 Powerboats at La Rochelle

1st place - F1 Grand Prix 2007
British born photgrapher Dave Fletcher, lives in La Rochelle on the French Atlantic Coast.

La Rochelle is claimed by many to be Windsurfing capital of Europe He is a specialist wind surfing photgrapher, La Rochelle is and has a studio for portraits, fashion and portrait, fashion and glamour shoots.

Last weekend there was wind of a different kind with the second round of the F1 Powerboat World Championships raced in La Rochelle Harbour.

Fletcher comments 'I live in La Rochelle and normally photograph windsurfing events as the sport is very popular here, the world champion Antoine Albeau lives just a few kilometers away and sometimes sails with us. The second round of the F1 world powerboat championiships held at La Rochelle was a real spectacle, local hero Philippe Dessertenne gave the town someone to cheer for and I got an unmissable photo opportunity!'

Here are a selection of Dave's images. You can find more at http://atlanticwind.free.fr

David Trask - Brisbane - Frand F1 Grand Prix 2007

2nd place - Frand F1 Grand Prix 2007

3rd Place - Frand F1 Grand Prix 2007

Qualifying - Frand F1 Grand Prix 2007

Local hero Philippe Dessertenne - Grand F1 Grand Prix 2007