Crossing the English Channel in amphibious cars.

by BBC 
An amphibious Triuph Herald - sort of
The BBC's Top Gear, a car show attempt to break Sir Richard Branson's record by crossing the treacherous English Channel in a fleet of amphibious cars.

How hard can it be to make an amphibious car? They decided to find out. Each presenter had to buy the kind of car they considered most suited to aquatic cocking about and then make it at least moderately ship-shape. After that they'd meet up to reveal the vessels and complete a cold and watery challenge.

Jeremy immediately chose an indestructable Toyota pick-up and slapped a massive outboard motor on the back. Richard went for a VW camper van and set about turning it into a narrowboat. Finally, James May's car-boat of choice was a Triumph Herald and his favoured propulsion system of choice was, of course, the sail.

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