Boats alerted in parts of Georges River for Saturday's speedboat race

Transport Roads & Maritime Services
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The Transport Roads and Maritime Services confirmed they granted an exclusive use of aquatic licence for the staging of speedboat race event on the Georges River in Milperra on Saturday.

Maritime Botany Bay/Port Hacking Operations Manager Graeme Dunlavie said boaters should keep clear of the Georges River from the M5 road bridge at Milperra downstream for about 750 metres to Deepwater Motor Boat Club from 11am to 6pm.

'This area will be used exclusively for the safe staging of a speed boat race organised by Deepwater Motor Boat Club,' Mr Dunlavie said.

'For safety reasons, skippers should avoid this area as it will be restricted for the event and patrolled by club and control vessels,' he said.

Mr Dunlavie said vessels would not be permitted to enter the exclusive use area unless authorised by a boating safety officer or a police officer.