Become a navigator in P1 - through Ebay!

#44, Racing Project, Rosciolli Hotels Roma, Italian. Angelo Tedeschi

Racing alongside the current Supersport World Champion for the full 2008 season is now a possibility thanks to Racing Project Team Owner and Throttleman Angelo Tedeschi who is offering, through Ebay, the navigator position in his world championship winning boat.

'My objective is to introduce new people to the sport of powerboating, explains Tedeschi, and here is a very unique opportunity for someone to race in the 2008 Powerboat P1 World Championship with the current world champions. Under normal circumstances it would be almost impossible to achieve this without first creating a race team and then competing in a domestic championship to build the experience to race in P1. By joining our Racing Project Team as navigator it is possible that within two seasons that person will be accomplished enough to become a driver, a throttleman or a team owner. By using Ebay we are able to reach would-be powerboat racers across the world.'

Whoever is successful will be given extensive training as the team prepares to defend its world title in Roscioli Hotels Roma, the Mercruiser powered 41ft Chaudron.

Do you have a passion for speed and the drive to succeed in top class motorsport?

To bid for the chance to compete in the Powerboat P1 World Championship 2008 season at spectacular resort destinations across Europe, go to Powerboat P1 - Roscioli Hotels Roma - Ebay bid (

Racing Project, Rosciolli Hotels Roma, Italian. Angelo Tedeschi, Fabio Magnani, Ugo Pellegrino, Powerboat P1 World Championship. The UIM Powerboat P1 German Grand Prix of the Sea.Travemunde, Germany June 29th - July 1st 2007. ©