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Sail-World.com : Coral Reef Photo Competition Announcement

Coral Reef Photo Competition Announcement

'Reef Check Australia'    .

If you are heading north for a coral reef holiday this season, and are a keen photographer, here's your chance to try your skill in a coral reef photo competition.

In celebration of the Second International Year of the Reef, Reef Check Australia and Project AWARE are running an International 'What do coral reefs mean to you?' photography competition in two categories, for adults and for under 18 yrs.

The competition will be run through a photo gallery portal on the Reef Check Australia website www.reefcheckaustralia.org . This allows anyone with internet access to become a member of Reef Check Australia and to uploaded images directly to the Reef Check web server. In addition registered members are also able to vote on all the competition entries excluding their own.

Key dates:

1.May 1st to June 30th 2008: photo competition submissions open
2.July 1st to August 31st 2008: member online voting for competition submissions open
3.September 2008: Formal Judging
4.October 15th 2008: Winners announced!

Competition participants will be invited to submit entries in five separate categories:

1.People and the Reef
This category was selected to highlight these different relationships because these uses are important to people’s culture and livelihoods. Unfortunately some of these uses have now become unsustainable and are damaging coral reefs around the world. We aim to increase the general public’s awareness of how they can help to ensure a sustainable future for our tropical marine environment.

2.Creative Visions of the Reef
This category was selected to demonstrate the myriad of ways people view coral reefs. Visions of coral reefs have also changed through time, but is this because of personal interpretation or real change?

3.The Reef in our Hands
With increasing human impacts along with a worrying trend in climate change our coral reefs are increasingly under threat. The Reef is in OUR hands because we do have the power to reduce these impacts and move towards a more sustainable future.

4.Animal Behaviour
Animals and their behaviour are a critical part of a coral reef ecosystem. Watching animals in their natural environment can teach us about their different roles within their ecosystem. By comparing the roles with those played by humans in our society we can learn more about sustainable living.

5. Icons of the Reef
Some scenes and animals are particularly identified with coral reefs. This category was selected to showcase these wonders of the coral reef and raise awareness of their beauty and importance.

For further information please contact us via email, media@reefcheckaustralia.org, or telephone, (07) 4724 3950.

by Reef Check Australia


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3:38 AM Wed 9 Apr 2008 GMT

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